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[NSW] Coffee Meet, Tue Feb 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Marvin

    Well I think they do coffee, but they do a mean skippy steak.
    1900hrs at Royal Cricketers Arms in Prospect. Outside seating ride next to the road/carpark, just off the M4 (Reservoir Rd exit).

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  2. Ok this is an attempt to restart the Tuesday Coffee meets that where held at the HBB. Since the HBB now close there doors before 9pm :shock: a new venue is required, so after the general consensus last week, we'll try here...
  3. cool, cricketers arms is pretty close... might have to turn up then :)
  4. Would it be too out of place for me to rock up on my mountain bike? :LOL:

    Prolly still at least 12-18 months until I'll have a bike of the motorised variety :oops:
  5. Been there many a time on the push bike, nothing like a long cool ale to quench the first :)
  6. Team Aprilia and Team Ducati are coming ! ;)
    We are riding from the city, so any other CBD people, we are leaving at 5:45pm from Sussex St.

    Team Husky is deciding !
  7. Is this just for a regular bunch of you guys?
  8. nah, open invite Donshe !

    c'mon, we had a 4day old L-plater yesterday on the ride . . surely Blacktown to Prospect isn't too hard !! :p
  9. Lol, I know I know. Im a scared little boy. Prospect is just down the M4 for me. I will try and come if I can get off work early !

    Edit- I'm pretty keen on coming just for an excuse to ride ! I was wondering if I could get someones phone number or something PM'd to me just in case? Im not EXTREMELY familiar with the roads that way...

    Also, where abouts do you guys meet just out the front or something? And finally, a little before 7?

    Sorry :p
  10. since its up the road ill be there with the old ducati
  11. Why not bring the panhead or shovelhad or whatever that other bike you have !!! lol

    If Donkey comes tonight, you can have a good chat with him ! :LOL:
  12. Mick ill bring a pic of her , yes her. Bride of Frankenstein
  13. We won Round 2 trivia after everyone else left ! :shock:

  14.  Top
  15. Still catching up from our first trip away :cool:

    Prospect too far away - whatever happened to Woolwich Pier? Meet at Brewery and then leave for the Bay Ride at 7.30 or so.

    And can't make next Tuesday
  16. Did she make you write answers in the wrong place too :grin:
  17. c'mon, I killed the music questions !! :rofl:

    No one knew Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner !! :LOL:
    Or that Kim Wilde question. hahahaah !

    Okay, i got Honky Cat and Crocodile Rock mixed up !! :p

    Alright, who is up for Trivia next time ?????

    The "Valentino Rossi's" want to win a meat tray !!! :grin:
  18. I wish i went now sounds like you all had a good night. Next time.
    Cheers Lou