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[NSW] Coalition puts "Uniform" congestion toll on 'fair deal for motorists' agenda

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. http://smh.drive.com.au/roads-and-traffic/coalition-puts-congestion-toll-on-fair-deal-for-motorists-agenda-20101010-16e33.html

    As i mentioned in an earlier piece, it seems the NSW opposition are considering a "uniform" congestion charge if elected.

    nowhere does it mention bikes being exempt.....the politician Stoner was happy to turn up at the August 31 CTP rally but here he says in an interview with the Herald, the leader of the Nationals and the opposition spokesman on roads, Andrew Stoner, said he supported uniform congestion tolling to create a fairer deal for motorists. ''My view is it should be a per-kilometre basis and there should be some time-of-day aspect to it,'' he said.

    so does this means bikes are exempt? not to my reading. maybe as suggested earlier we should pre-empt this and get in their policy that bikes are not included.....
    Can the Sydney of City council perhaps enforce a no bike charge on this, as they have been shown to be bike friendly....
    your thoughts?
  2. Why would they exempt us? We pay full price for tolls. This state doesn't like bikes.
  3. I like the gross principle, but I'd like to see the working of it as it sounds like an admin nightmare. A higher petrol tax in Sydney would cover it, but unwinable in an election.
  4. Other cities around the world that have implemented congestion taxes have often made bikes exempt, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that case to hold true here - as UDLOSE says, this state doesn't like bikes.
  5. I can't find anything on NSW Liberals the site about it. It seems that it would be a nightmare to implement and unpopular (as there would always be losers). Its the sort of thing that you say that you are "considering" as opposition and then say they realise that it is unworkable when they have all the facts when they get into government.

    So I wouldn't worry about it at the moment.
  6. personally i feel we should be fighting for the congestion tax and fight for us to be exempt. anything that increases our Bike: Car ratio in the city would be awesome.
  7. The NSW opposition is light on policy all round. With News ltd running their campaign for them, they haven't had to present any policies for critism. If this continues we'll justend up with more of the same.
  8. They'll have to work bloody hard to achieve the same level of internal corruption as the Labor Party has achieved.
  9. This has been so consistently reported by NEWS ltd that it has become fact.

    Still there is no doubt they have become so stagnant they have to go. I would just like the media to hold the opposition to some standard so they can be held account after they win. At the moment they'll get in and do whatever they want.
  10. If a news source manages makes its way into our house, its the smh.
    Joe Tripodi and the other stinker, forget his name, should be in gaol. Not parliament.

    Not with current NSW budget deficit they won't.