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[NSW] City social movie night - Hitman, Thu Dec 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Agent47

    The usual format.

    5:30-6pm at Mortons for $10 steak.
    Ride to Fox Studios for 8pm session. The movie is HITMAN ! . . . open invite.

    Probably ride afterwards, for a Chilli Dog or something.

    Need to firm up numbers if we are pre-purchasing like ...

    ... more

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  2. you forgot to set the ride class to 5 :LOL:

    wanna try riding on a chillidog??

    i'm in for this!
  3. I'll be in this
  4. Mee too!
  5. yep, its still on.
    See you guys on thursday.
  6. Are you going to lose all the learners through the city again Micky? :LOL:

    I can't make it this time around unfortunately.
  7. I'll be there pending CBF factor post Eastern Creek :grin:
  8. thats great Jakob . . . your coming out of the closet regarding your 250cc single cylinder racing beast!
  9. :grin:

    Ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh! :moped:

  10. I'm in :grin:

    :edit: just had a look at the time after saying im in. Would have to come straight from work, and might not make the dinner. But will still be coming :)
  11. hey guys long time no see!

    Im in 95% in
  12. I'll b there 100% at fox...bros
  13. well i just came back from watching this tonight and i must say i did enjoy it very much
    have fun
  14. can't make it :( because... i'm assessing a potential house minding job :D
    good monies duries chrissy
  15. Im in 100% see you all there
  16. two sessions . . .

    6:50pm & 9pm !

    I have a site meeting at Wahroonga this afternoon, if its the 6:50session, I can't make it.

    I let Juan-Karlos to sort it out at Moretons at 7pm.

    (Juan-Karlos = karl, when he is in hispanic siesta mode . . . . like today !) :rofl:
  17. Thanks Mickyb,
    Greatness was thrust apon me again. I dont think any of us will be making the 6:50 session, so 9PM is probably the go. Meet at Moretons a little later at 6:30-7:00pm. See you there! begone rain gods.
  18. I won't be able to make the Moretons meetup, but will meet you lot at Fox!

    what's the ETA for fox studios?
  19. I imagine we would be there by 8:40.
  20. Sorry guys, I'm out tonight, working back again and I'm knackered anyway. I hope it's a good flick :)