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[NSW] Chuck A Sickie n' Ride, Wed Dec 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: jj sydney

    WED 13TH 10AM

    WELCOME to the Official "Weather's to good to be bloody working day!"

    Meet south Maroubra beach carpark 10:00AM for quick coffee then cruise south, through royal national park, stanwell park, woollongong, maybe as far as Kiama, late...

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  2. ??

    no takers?
  3. I should be in
  4. im in. no need to chuck a sickie when you're a man of leisure!
  5. Matey, lemme know when there's one planned in the Greater West locale, and I'll be there with bells on.... :wink:
  6. So how many definates we got here?
    I'll check bak in first 2morra'

    Mario - mate alot of the rides are out that way, i'm trying to break in fm the east! Get on this one, (if ppls turn up and I don't can it! hehe) if NOT, will try do one out wisemans ferry way you can join near Castle Hill? Thats kinda meeting half way bro!?

  7. ALSO /////////// another punter has suggested pushing bak to 12? A later start would suit me, but I think thats too late? and maybe its too late to change now!? :-O
    Write in and confirm if your keen/ur thoughts and i'll check 1st thing 2morra'
  8. /// Change of time ///

    ALL - OK lets meet 11:00 AM
    South Maroubra carpark...
    thats the surf life saving club carpark almost directly opposite SEALS club.
    Look for matt black VTR parked there - I may be at cafe on the corner just north of there.
  9. Yeh, i'm headin out to penriff, i'll try n make it back in time for the ride :grin:
  10. Last minute time change! Doh! i was there at 10!! :)
  11. Really? Sorry bro!
    As it was I got there at 11am on the dot but could never have got there earlier.
    Sh*t sorry about that mate.

    No one turned up at 11 tho! haha

    I had an awesome ride down to Stanwell and then hung out there and cruised down that new cliff rd thing. Did you end up going down there urself?? What do you ride?
  12. Mate seriously no problems at all! :)

    The great thing about riding is that you can still have a blast by yourself!

    So i came from bankstown, then rode round maroubra just for a few minutes but since nobody there(which i kinda suspected due to your previous post saying how there might be a time change.......so its cool) i headed up to the entrance to visit a friend.

    Took my cbr250 up to the entrance via the F1(thank god for my new ear plugs can't recommend them enough for long rides!), had lunch with an old friend, then took the old pacific hwy back down to sydney.

    Now the old pacific hwy is a road i've only recently discovered and i love it! I had the whole road to myself basically and was trying to get better from one twisting corner to the next! It was a blast! :)

    Name the next ride dude and i'll try be there!
  13. Can't tell by your pic.....is that a vtr250 you got?
  14. Huh, i was there, on a blue cbr250rr, and i saw one of you guys come past i think. Someone on there red P plates right on 11. I stack my hand up and they turned around and left without stopping.