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[NSW] Charity: LiveLifeCruz, Sun Aug 26th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Marvin

    Do you ever feel like the things you do in life don’t make a difference?
    Do you like riding your bike?
    Do you like helping those in need?

    Now is your chance, please, spread the word about this cruise, bring your family,
    your friends and your wo...

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  2. There was around 200 cars & bikes at this last year .. I'll be there again if the rain goes away.
  3. ill be in for this one, weather permitting. if you go doc ill met ya on my way there.
  4. Hey guys I'm going to be at the shell Space Station on Epping Rd in Lane Cove at 9:00am for a 9:15/30am departure. That way we will get there in plenty of time to register before the departure of 10:30am.

    It would be great to get a heap of bikes arriving together for this event.

    I've posted this up on a couple of different forums, so we will have a few bikes getting there together which will be awesome.

  5. I dont think I'll miss you mate, should be easy to find you :)

    This cruise is posted across pretty much most Sydney car & bike forums .. should be a decent turn out (weather pending)
  6. if you dont see me doc, ill here ya comming a mile away
  7. I might tag along as well. Weather supposed to be ok for Sunday. See ya both on the road.
  8. Ive had a few guys from other bike forums mention they will be attending as well .
  9. so far there will be about 6 bikes meeting at the Space Station on Epping Rd at 9am for a 9:30 departure.

    Steve, Dan and Freedom did you guys want to meet there as well?

    The weather is supposed to be cloudy at times, otherwise fine and 20 degrees according to the BOM.
  10. Yea Zen .. I replied in the other one as well, ISS @ 9 (weather pending)

    Wont be hard to miss Steve & Dan.. bloody blackbirds! Didnt they make a horror movie about those things..?? :p
  11. Zendog, at this stage I should be coming so I'll meet up with you at the servo :grin: . If not then have a fantastic ride/day etc. cause I'll be stuck at home :( Just about to give Jezebel a squirt....shes been stuck at home all week :?

    Doc, you know you're a closet bird lover... come on admit it??? See ya tomorrow. :LOL: [/quote]
  12. closet bird lover lol .. you & Dan are freaks, who the hell throws a bird around like its a gix .. freaks I tell yas!!#@@! :grin:
  13. if ya going to do it, may aswell do it in style... :cool:
  14. What an awesome day!

    Dan and Steve you missed out on a great ride. Hope whatever you did was worth it.

    Dr what happened to you? Am looking at organising a Blue mountains run next sunday - any of you guys interested?


  15. #15 TurBIce, Aug 26, 2007
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  16. sorry but belive me it was worth it. :cool:
    next sunday could be good....
  17. hey thats my cbr! someone censor out my chicken strips, that was the beginning of the day which you can tell from the lack of squished bugs on the windscreen lol
  18. ah. thats u.
    were they just diff bulbs? or hids?
  19. HID kit 6000k, they are a 'safety' mod hehe

    what about yours? yours are very bl00000