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[NSW] Changes to Harbour Bridge Tolling......

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. If you ride across the bridge and are taking the Cahill Expressway and use the top two sets of toll booths heading south ( into city from Cremorne etc ) please note they are changing the set of booths next to the bus lane to E-Tag only from July 5.

    I asked the toll collector and he said the set of booths back against the rail ( the first set of booths on left ) will be the only ones accepting coins.

    I found the ones that are changing really handy if I had coins, so i could jump straight into the bus lane....oh well it really looks like they are really trying to force everyone onto e-tags....I might bite the bullet and get one but never carry it. :evil:
  2. No need to carry your tag on the Bridge. I have one in the cage, linked to the bike rego, and never carry the tag on the bike. The RTA will take a piccy of your bike and automatically link the rego to your tag.

    What's more I use the bus lane and save 20mins on the cagers crawling from North Sydney.
  3. can you use the bus lane to beat the traffic then get back over to the lanes to use the bridge to darling harbour and pyrmont?

    I am always stuck in the normal lanes watching bikes fly by in the bus lane since I need to go to pyrmont each day...
  4. Nope, big concrete divider between the Cahill lanes and the Bridge proper. You could try heading off down York St, dodging the buses and getting back onto the Western Distributor at Darling Park, but I don't think it would save you much time.
  5. I use the bus lane every morning but head down york street.

    I always see riders use the bus lane then after the last toll gates, cross 3 lanes of traffic to the right to use that bridge to darling harbour.
  6. +1
  7. Im thinking of registering my bike for a tag soon. Im sick of fumbling for coins everytime i need to go north and come back!
    Having said that though i have been let through for free a few times by some nice toll ladies, who are either just being nice as they can see i have gloves and have to stop for a while or they just dont want me holding up traffic...
  8. Does anyone else who has a tag account that goes through the buslane get the toll notices in the mail even though u have a linked account. I get a letter for everyday i go through it. Its farking annoying. Why wont they match my plates :/
  9. I use the harbour bridge bus lane occasionally and since my bike is registered with my etag I sometimes even leave my etag at home and never get notices. My e-toll account statement indicates that my account has been debited, this applies to the M2 and M5 when I've used it too.

    And I use the bus lane over the bridge heading to the city, then immediately merge over to the right lanes once I've crossed the bridge after the last toll booths heading by darling harbour to the anzac bridge with no dramas.
  10. Works for me, perhaps give them a buzz.
  11. It must be an RTA etag.

    They aren't advanced enough to check the plates against each others tag systems. But they already check each others tags you say? It's only a simple step more than what they are doing already you say?

    I know......
  12. Had a meeting in the south of the city a couple of days ago and tried the merge from lane 2 to lane 5 trick. Worked a treat. Ta for tip synrgy !