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[NSW] Central West Motorcycle Awareness Week Molong Ride, Su

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Yogi2795

    Molong, 20 minutes North of Orange, 12 midday onwards

    Simply get your mates together and ride as a group to arrive in Molong on Sunday morning. The idea is to get as many bikes as possible on the roads to make other motorists more aware of our prese...

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  2. trying to arrange a group to ride up from canberra, but my folks and myself will be there no matter what
  3. Wish I was going. I went last year and it was a good day. The group from sydney joined the group from lithgow which joined the bathurst group and then the orange group which ended up with a few hundred bikes turning up in this one small town in one massively large group, was a spectacular site.
  4. Anyone from Sydney going to this? Seriously considering it.
  5. do it karl, i will be there you will get to see my ass end :wink: :LOL:
  6. Yeah go on Karl!


    Dunno if I'll be there yet or not... but I might be!
  7. Oh the love... hang on.. why would I go to see James' ass?
  8. the bikes ass :LOL:
  9. bout blurdy time ya did that fenderectomy !!! oh and hows the motor ??
  10. still running, hoping that in 4 weeks i will be able to get the new motor put in can't wait
  11. Not sure when groups are leaving where, but a couple of mates and I are meeting at Bathurst Maccas at 10.00 and I know one group from Orange is meeting about 10.30.

    Anyone wanting to tag along just look out for the grey and black and the blue and white GS500Fs. The grey and black one has the old bastard on it (that's me :grin: ) I'll probably park in the front car park so I can keep an eye on the bike whilst I fill up on coffee. i'll be there from 9.30 onwards :)
  12. my plan is to hit molong around about 12
  13. Come on people! someone else from Sydney must be going!
  14. im seriously thinking about it
  15. come on bob, gotta show them all what a bike should sound like :LOL:
  16. Karl, just a heads up, not a good idea to stay too close behind james incase he hasn't got the new engine, which will result in your red bike turning into a black one :p
  17. lol paul, it doesn't blow smoke whilst being ridden, well not noticably
  18. I was gonna say he'd still be screwed at traffic lights, but there aren't any out that way, lol.
  19. lol thats right paul, the whole trip is going to consist if 3 sets of lights, the way it should be
  20. ok there will be two of us canberrans riding up to sydney this arvo, then heading down with karl, come on folks lets make a ride out of this

    c'mon bob you going to come?