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[NSW] - Central Coast to Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by weetdix, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Apologies but I didn't want to bump the thread from 07

    Does anyone make the commute (by bike) from the central coast to the CBD, I'm considering relocating up there at the end of the year and will need to make the commute into North Sydney.

    If you are making the commute could you let me know from which suburb as well, I'm currently considering the Narara area or Kariong.

  2. Oh, how I wish the Old Pac could be my commute...
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  3. Used to do Woy Woy to Nth Sydney. Was about 1 1/4 hr door to door. If I worked in the city CBD I would have to leave by 6 at the latest to be able to get street parking. Would ride old pac when working on the weekend but weekday you gotta go f3. I wasn't the only one doing it, I remember seeing a vfr800 and a big gsxf regularly. I got over it though and probably wouldn't do it again.
  4. Man, save the boredom and the massive wear and tear on the bike and take the train.....
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  5. This would have to be the most sensible option....It would probably take no longer by train than to ride and likely much cheaper when you factor depreciation/fuel/tyres etc. I have been down the F3 quite a few times early hours of the morning, and from the Gosford on-ramp, there are heaps of vehicles from about 5am. Wait until you wake up and find it cold and pissing down with rain, you won't want to go and face that 90 min ride..
  6. I was thinking of relocating as well as folks are from up there.
    Then a couple if weekends ago I was returning back to Sydney from folks house via the motorway.
    Was the most boring trip, I could not do it as a commute.
    I rather commute through city streets where you get a variety of roads and intersections and a chance to stretch out out at traffic lights.
    I suggest using a cheap car runabout or train. Leave the old pac for fun rides only :)
  7. I catch train from Gosford to Town Hall. But I live 1 min walk from Gosford :)
  8. I have a couple of colleagues here in Mac Park that do it in cars - and they say 1.5 hours if they're lucky and all goes well. That's at least 3 hours + a day you'll never get back, car or bike. They've both done the same relocation - both regret it, and now both can't afford to move back.
    Why are you wanting to move from North Sydney?
  9. Yep but when I lived at Baulkham Hills and went into City via pubic transport, it was 1-1.5 hours and coming home quite often 2 hours.
    In the morning I would usually have to stand the whole way unless someone thought I was either pregnant, old or both ;)
    North Sydney trip wasn't much better...
    Bike was the way to go even with tolls.

    I now take 4 minutes to work and 6 minutes to the beach and curse and moan about a five car queue at a roundabout. Yipeee yiyay:whistle:

    PS since avoiding public transport I have not had one single cold in the pasr 12 months. 2015 was the first year I missed out on my annual ED visit with bronchopneumonia and endone for my torn intercostal muscles...
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  10. I will be moving back into Sydney city soon enough when I am settled into my new job :).
  11. Going to the Central Coast seems a bit drastic for a short term thing - I hope she's worth it :whistle:
  12. I commute from the coast to Pymble 5 days a week, it's 55 minutes on a good day down the M1 in traffic by car.
    If I ride, (rarer nowdays) I usaully do the M1 till the Hawkesbury and have a bit of a fang up past PITS and get back on the M1 just after Berowra and it's all but the same time as caging down the M1.
    Or if i leave 10 or 15 earlier, I will do the Olpac from Kariong.

    Traffic is rubbish and unless you really just dig sitting on your bike, I'd only ride on a Friday.
    I leave at 5:45am and while there's traffic and plenty of clowns on the road, it does move steadily and it isn't that bad if you're not trying to rush. Just pray everyday for no accidents....
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