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NSW carpark practice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrChicken, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. For anyone who lives near the Olympic Stadium in Sydney and wants to practice some of the MOST course, I have marked out the cone weave and left hand turn, and the distance between the parking lines and concrete border is close to 6.1 metres so it's just right for u-turn practice. It's a few basic markings, nothing special, but I found it useful. The markings are located on P5 adjacent to Hill Road. P5 is in three sections, and it's the eastern-most area (towards the ferry wharf). If this makes no sense, let me know and I'd be happy to show anyone who's interested.

  2. Oh, now that is very cool.

    How long do you expect it to be there? I can't do the MOST for another 2 months or so... but it'll be good to practice more.
  3. Wow a huge thank you to you!!!

    Now the word is out, should i book a time to use it :wink:
  4. lol, we should organise a time when a group of us can go down and check it out. It'd be nice to meet a few of the newer riders around Sydney.
  5. So you can watch me drop it, stack it, fall over it, kick it, swear at it and then finally burn it??? ......sure, why not. Count me in!!

  6. Use tennis balls, cut in half, in place of the cones.
  7. lol It'll be that way for all us new B's I think. Still, it'd be awesome to get a feel for the whole thing.

    Anyone have a map to the place?
  8. thats a ripper idea!
  9. Im only 15 minutes from there ,so if you make a plan and im around, i could come down and show you what to do and how it works , i can hardley call my self a rider. But i can show you what the instructors showed me.
    With a few hours on a proper course you really got the jump on the whole day and how it works.
  10. im doing mine in uner 1 hrs , so if i pass ill come help
  11. Righto then. I also have some little cones someone can have - first in best dressed. A bit naf, but it actually helps.

    The markings have stood up to some pretty crappy weather in the past month or so and they're still there, so unless someone covers them up, they should hold up for a while They're just a series of large dots, but they worked for me.

    I'll see how my weekend is and post a time later today to meet up, probably Saturday afternoon, somewhere near the Stadium to show anyone interested.
  12. If you guys head down for a practise and i can make it ill be there too..
  13. Okay, anyone interested in me showing them where the markings are, I will be at P5 from 2pm - 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon. If you go to the URL below and select the Sydney Olympic Park map, it'll give you a good idea of the location. You will see that P5 is marked clearly, and I'll stick myself out on the narrow access rode, near the intersection of Hill Road - black Honda VT250C. Let me know if you plan to make it so I don't hang around unnecessarily. If you can't make it and you're keen, maybe PM me and we'll tee up another time. Oh, and while I will answer to Mr Chicken, I kinda prefer Geoff. :grin:

  14. i just did mine and passed , the practice is different to the test only 1 failed , she was on a zzr found it hard to do cone weave and uturn , so best to hire a bike. ill come and help show what the instructor does in the test test
  15. ohhhh no, big trouble little china...mcmatty has his l's...looks like it's time for me to hang up my boots, ;)
  16. Anyone around far-western SYD can just scoot (Or ride) out to the Int Regatta Center. They have a permanent set up there at the testing range including painted lines for the P's test.
  17. PS. Congrats Matti on the pass!
  18. no need to prac road ride , we got lost and passed
  19. Indeed

    I'll be there tomorrow at 2pm as well (Saturday 12th). Or at least I should be. I'll post up here tomorrow for certain though. I'd like to get the low down on the test before I have to lay down the cash :D

    Thanks for your help Geoff.
  20. excellent work!!!

    now if you could just swing past melbourne and mark out a track for me at the queen vic market, that would be grand :p :p