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[NSW] CareFlight Motorcycle Cruise, Sat Oct 28th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Careflight

    Be part of the CareFlight Motorcycle Cruise on Saturday 28th October 2006 starting at CareFlight’s Westmead Base and travelling to the CareFlight Central West Base in Orange.

    This event will start off with breakfast at the Westmead CareFlight Cent...

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  2. Hmmm, might be in for this one. Going back to my old stomping grounds for some nostolgic stomping sounds appealing....damn long way on a VTR though...
  3. thats a decent weekend getaway.
    Orange your stomping ground hey !
    I lived there for a year and a half, got to know the area very well so yeah you can say its my stomping ground also. :LOL:
  4. Hubby and I are going on this one and a group of friends are coming down from newcastle to join up with us too. Come on who else is going? This is a great cause, as riders and drivers you just don't know when you might need these guy's and gal's out there on the road.

    Cheers Lou
  5. This is the weekend after Hornett's 3-points ride, now desicions :-k
  6. Seeing as I hitched a ride with these guys, I'll be there for sure :grin:
  7. Hay everyone don't forget about this one, registration closes 1st october.
  8. So how many of you are going on this ride?
  9. I had planned on going, work commitments unfortunately will stop me. :cry: I will be making a donation though
  10. Sounds, like a good ride. I would like to be there, although I will have to see closer to the date.
  11. LPCIII, just a note, money and paperwork has to be in by the 1st or 6th october. I'm note quite sure if you can register on the day or not.
    Cheers Lou
  12. So is anyone going on this ride next week?
    Cheers Lou
  13. Bit far to go from Sth Melbourne but just thought a reminder about becoming an ambulance subscriber was in order. You don't know when you may need it & it could save you thousands! It covers you when TAC/ Workcover doesn't e.g. off road or household accidents! Also be sure when travelling interstate that you are covered as some states don't have reciprocal arrangements QLD for instance!
  14. careflight ride

    G'day all, The careflight ride should be a good one, I have spoken to Dave ( the organiser) he has put a lot of effort into it, the route the ride is going on is over some really good twisties, a little narrow and bumpy at times, but is a nice ride. The dinner on Saturday night will be fun, I have donated a poster of Tex & Bundy to be auctioned off and I have been asked to be a guest speaker on the night, hopefully I won't bore u all, lol.
    If anyone is still interested in going on this ride, I may be able to get your registrations in, I can fax entry forms off to u if u don't have one .
    Remember it is for a great cause, as much as we hope that we never use them, it is comforting to know they exist, just in case!.
    See u all on the day.
    Tex. [/quote]
  15. Im still going Lou!!!! how about you?
  16. Hay there,
    Well hubby and I are out on this one :( :( . I was so looking forward to it to. I've even begged if you know what I mean. :LOL:. Hubby said he would stay home with kids, but if I went I'd like to have a buddy ride back with me. But one problem I have to back in Sydney by midday sunday. So if anyone is riding back early sunday morning who would be happy to buddy me I'd be in. I can ride but it is a long way to do by myself that was all. :grin: :grin: . So anyone out there please let me know so I can ring dave.
    Cheers Lou
  17. Hey Lou

    that would mean leaving Orange at around 9 or 9:30ish I could handle that.

    If you still wanna go I will ride home with you, and I am sure there will be others up to an early start home and probably a few not! lol

  18. dam it i want to go. iv been in a careflight chopper before, everyone was really great, so id like to contribute. :(
  19. I'm out for this one.