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[NSW] Canterbury Rd (54), Punchbowl

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by speedy300zx, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Title (WAS): Canterbury Rd..
    Title (NOW): [NSW] Canterbury Rd (54), Punchbowl

    Bought the bike a couple of weeks back & took it for a ride, going towards Liverpool on canterbury rd. found the road from Oporto roselands till Bankstown Stacey st is crap, specially around punchbowl. The road got grooves which will lead the bike to wobble if u on slow speed, very uneven surface,riding there seems like I m gonna loose the back end,, Got caught in rain the other nyte & imagine riding. The roadwork is being goin on for a while(when its gonna finish??), New unexperienced riders like me---Please take care riding around the specified area and To Experienced Riders--- Please Guide....
    Happy Riding......

  2. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    Not the Canterbury road I know...
  3. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    hey kernel,
    its da area between intersection of canterbury road & king georges rd, roselands & uptill intersection of Canterbury rd & stacey rd, Punchbowl... roads r crappppp......
  4. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    what the fuck language is that?
    LEave the retard speak outside the forums
  5. Those sluts still get out on canterbury rd?
  6. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    speedy is from NSW
  7. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    max doughies in the gravel n shit?
  8. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    Since you're new to Netrider, maybe you should post in the welcome lounge.
  9. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    That whole section of Canterbury Road starting at King Georges up until the M5 is in terrible condition. Bit of a mess and the caution is well advised for new riders.
  10. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    dear Iblast,
    i actually did post a HELLO in the welcome Lounge as well,, I thought of sticking with the issue to the right forum category, i think I m following the rules of the website being explained from time to time..
  11. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    Yeah The sluts r still there..but not that many as b4.
  12. Re: Canterbury Rd..


    The remark was aimed at Smee not yourself.

    Oh and all those slab type roads that meander left and right are a pain in the arse on a bike. Good test of the suspension of a bike however.
  13. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    sorry Iblast, I may be didnt look properly & yeah its a pain to ride on that road, unfortunately I m not confident enough to ride on M5 at da moment. lol..so I have to ride on canterbury rd to go to work..however I m riding everyday no matter rain, hail or shine & getting experience & getting better day by day..
    I rekon this NR forums are the best..specially you guys(senior riders) doing an exceptional job taking time out to post which helps new riders, Keep up da good work .
  14. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    dont forget to head out to Homebush learner sessions to practice your MOST and meet a few NR peeps
  15. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    just kinda rocked up here aye

    ****in trent trent trent
  16. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    Well start writing like a senior then and type like this, not like dis.
    da is a musical sound like da da da
    THE is a word used in the spoken and written language.
    B4 is NOT acceptable either.
    You want respect from the seniors? then start writing like them (not dem)

    (of course I'm just a grumpy bastard and keep off my lawn!!)8-[
  17. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    figured as much
  18. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    dont worry about smee, he rides a BMW, and hes greek, and hes got a small dick
  19. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    you will have to take that link out from your sig bud
  20. Re: Canterbury Rd..

    We have rules, but we're motorcyclists, so ... first they have to catch you.