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[NSW] Can P1or P2 ride above 660cc

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SilverXVS650A, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Can anyone help my brain to stop ticking over on this thought!!! at least till Tuesday when RTA is open.

    Can't find it anywhere on the RTA site.

    Is the LAMS only applicable for L's or is it for L's,P1,P2????? or can a P1 mature rider ride above 660cc???

    Thank you
  2. Yes if you're 30 or above you can ride any bike, but can't pillion until fulls. I think the above 30 thing is changing as of June-ish when green Ps come in for bikes.
  3. plus u need a full car licence in order to get your mature rider licence, make sure u tell them at the rta window that your getting a mature rider licence, then u can ride what ever u want
  4. Thank you for the reply Phizog.

    I have read the new laws coming in and since Im going in 3 weeks time this will not effect me that is if I pass the test.

    So let me clarify above 30yrs old and on P1 I can ride my c50 800cc that I have a deposit on???
  5. yes

    and without displaying P plates
  6. Just don't get caught with a pillion for the first 12 months :)
  7. correct :)
  8. Thanks heaps guys!!!!

    And no I will not be carrying my GF for a year till then I will get customed to my new bike and then do some 2up travelling up and down our beautiful east coast :grin:

    Thanks again guys now I can sleep 2nite!!!
  9. You have to be over 30 , have a gold license , or be eligible for one to go directly onto a full motorcycle license.
  10. To throw a different tangent on the thread, I am looking at moving to NSW very shortly for work currently residing in QLD and do not have my motorcycle licence. I am over 30 years old and have a clean licence, rating one insurance etc etc. I was debating if I should get my P plates here in QLD, which can be done if attending a Q Ride course or just waiting until I move in around 4 weeks and do the mature rider scheme in NSW? From what I gather I can transfer my drivers licence get a gold licence, apply for my L's do the provisional test as I am over 30, hopefully pass then be able to ride the bike of my choice, less pillion??? any verification would be great

    I have had my p plates in SA as a younger rider, but let my licence lapse. Now being over 30, 6ft and around 100kgs the thought of riding a 250 doesn't appeal at all.
  11. whats the process in qld in getting a licence so i can compare it with nsw
  12. Merlinn , don't hijack someone else's thread , and a hello in the welcome lounge would not go astray.
  13. From what I gather, take your car licence in to the relevant authority, pay money, apply for learners permit, pay money, do a Q ride course, pass, take paperwork to relevant authorities, pay money get provisional licence, hold for 12 months, pay money do an open licence test, pass, take paperwork to relevant authorities, pay money get open licence!

    Hoping to by pass this crap some how when moving to NSW, all must be done before June from what I can gather after reading more posts on this site.
  14. dont worry about the june bit as your still a mature rider, ok that qld system seems shit, in nsw, u go to the rta, you book in for your L's course, this is a 2 day, 4 hours a day, morning or arvo, course, pass that, take that paper to the rta and do a computer test, 40 questions, pass that, get your L's, as your a mature rider u can book your P test in straight away (i advise to get some training in first), book your P test, its a 1, 8 hour day with plenty of practice on the day then do the MOST test at the end of the day, pass that, take paper to rta, tell them mature licence upgrade, get your licence, no more p's, ride any bike u want but with no pillion for 12 months
  15. Thanks mate, much appreciated advice. Will definately get some practice in! Have been riding motocross for the last 6 years, but I am aware that tackling a 60ft table top does little to enhance ones road awareness skills.

    Apologies for Hi-jacking the thread, just after some honest answers when I was thinking about a similar issue.

    Thanks again.
  16. your welcome mate, thats why we are here
  17. Are you sure about that? There's nothing on the RTA website that says that for the new licences.

    Just to clarify... the current (before 1 June) mature age rules are:

    * Over 30 and hold an unrestricted drivers licence for 5 years or more
    * Must complete pre-learner course
    * Must complete pre-provisional course + MOST (this can be done without needing to wait 3 months as per learner's permit)
    * On completion rider receives unrestricted licence (with no pillion within the first 12 months)

    The new (on/after 1 June) mature age rules (from the GEARED website) are:

    * Over 25 and hold an unrestricted drivers licence
    * Must complete pre-learner course
    * Must complete minimum 3 months on learner's permit
    * Must complete pre-provisional course + MOST
    * Must minimum 12 months of P1 licence (all P1 conditions apply, included LAMS restrictions)
    * On completion of P1 period (and for eligible riders turning 25 during their P2 period) rider receives unrestricted licence (allowed to carry pillions immediately - P2 holders are also allowed to carry pillions)
  18. rjbsmith I think You did't read in the begining of my thread.
    I'am aware of the new laws coming in.
    My main question was Im over 30 being 41 and hold a gold licence and I was wondering once I do my P's in 3weeks time and pass will I be able to hop on any bike (750,800,950,1000 and so on) weather I go on my full's or P1.

    But I will be definatly telling im upgrading to a mature riders licence. Rather have all points then just have 4 :wink:

    My question has been answered.
    Thanks for all your contribution everyone.
  19. But remember that you have to have your full Australian (or NZ) license for 5 years to be eligible for this. There are people moving here from overseas and couldn't go through the mature age rider schema, they were eligible for gold license though.