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NSW: Camp Quality Ride 17/2/2007 - early warning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gco0307, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Following on from the fun had by all who were able to make the Camp Quality pillion day in September comes a request to participate in another in February.

    So, I am posting here first to just get the message out there and also to gain interest for people who may want to attend just to help check the numbers.

    The details are outlined briefly below.

    Date: Saturday 17/2/2007
    Where: Stanwell Tops

    The ride will follow the same route used in September.

    The February camp will involve more families and as such more bikes will be required than the 85 or so we had last time.

    The basics of the ride are to provide pillion rides to all who are attending the camp (kids, mums, dads etc) for the duration of the route. However, if you do not want to pillion or cannot (L, P plates etc) that is not a problem as you can provide traffic management assistance (ie. block the road) to keep the group together.

    Ask anyone who attended last time as to the fun level involved for all.

    Ok, now to what we dont want?

    Anybody who is uncomfortable being around sick kids is best to not attend.

    Those people who cannot control their right wrists and must speed or show off (ie. wheelies etc) are definitely not welcome to attend this event in any capacity.

    Ok, if interested just reply here or PM me.

    Full details will be posted nearer the date.