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[NSW] Camp Quality Pillion Ride for Smiles, Sat Feb 17th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Garry Oliver

    What: Camp Quality Pillion Ride Day

    Where: Stanwell Tops

    When: Saturday 17 February 2007 (afternoon only event) - pillion ride commences approx 1:30pm

    Meet Point: tbc - will be known by end of this week but will be either Helensburgh roundab...

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  2. Re pillion day

    Ok im in for this one . This is a top cause folks lets make it big !!! Bob
  3. hey Bob, long time to chat.
    I'll be in on this one also !
  4. Yeh mate been a while , hey nice new Bike by the way congrats mate
  5. Yeh mate been a while , hey nice new Bike by the way congrats mate
  6. I can't pillion but work permitting I'll come along for the kiddies.
  7. Whats the go on gear ie helmets, jackets, gloves, etc.? I have a spare jacket floating around somewhere.
  8. I missed the last one as i was doing my Ps test.

    I rekon i'll be in for this one (no pillions of course) but will bring my Canon 400D for plenty of happy snaps.

    Anyone got a midget tripod that'll fit in an Across tank? My tripod aint gona make the trip.

  9. count me in, even though I am not allowed pillions (yet) I hope this isn;t a prob?
  10. I'm be on my Ps for the ride so I can't pillion either. Everyone is encouraged to come whether you can pillion or not, as the more bikes the greater the experience for the kids. Not to mention a larger pool of gear to lend.

  11. Anyone who wants to bring spare gear is more than welcome to do so as it will likely be required (estimates are of around 80 pillions so far known about).

    If bringing a jacket etc, the suggestion is to place a piece of paper with your name and contact details on it into one of the pockets and with other gear (helmets, gloves etc) we are trying to find a way to identify them.

  12. thanks for feedback, little embarassing for me as 5 months ago I progressed from my L's to Full Licence (over 30) but still not allowed a pillion for 12 months. Add to this that I have never had a pillion I wouldn't feel comfortable in pillion a kid as a first time pillion. Insult to injury, I am new to riding so no spare kit (yet) and really keen on helping out as I think this is an excellent cause.
  13. i went to the last one, though didnt pillion, i helped with traffic duties, ie parking my bike infront of traffic so we could all stay in a group, a few of us did that. If you dont wish to do that, it's always good just to go there and make up numbers, the kids get excited when they see a large group of bikes together.

    sadly i wont be able to attend this one as ill be oversea's on holidays, though hopefully it's a nice day, as it was last year.
  14. Ok, the meet points and times have been confirmed and the main calendar entry has been updated but they are outlined below.

    Meet Point: Old Princes Highway at Helensburgh outside the golf driving range (at the roundabout but around the corner from last time).

    Will leave here at 1:15pm for the short ride to the Tops Conference Centre where we will meet the kids and prepare for the ride.

    The ride will then leave the Conference Centre between 2:00 - 2:30pm (expected nearer to 2:30) and will be a complete round trip returning to the Conference Centre in one ride. Camp Quality have advised that they will not be visiting the kiosk this time around.

    There will also be a BBQ hosted by Rotary at the Conference Centre for our return so there will be Sausages etc available for thos wanting a late lunch.

  15. Not to mention me! :LOL:

    Also, just wondering how long the ride will be distance / timewise.
  16. If it is the same as last time it was a leisurely ride south along the Old Princes Highway, down Bulli Pass then back along the coastal roads to the beach at Stanwell Park for a break. After the break it's a very short uphill ride back to the Stanwell Tops camp.

    Totally forget how long the ride was in terms of duration but it's a decent amount of time since you have to take it pretty slow due to passengers and the sheer amount of bikes.

  17. The ride is slightly different to last time in that due to the numbers involved (24 families as opposed to 12) the ride will be a roundtrip and not stopping at the beach kiosk.

    The ride is probably only about 45 or so kays but allow an hour for the trip all up.

  18. Nevermind man, i'll hit it up for the 2 of us,

    Im in, although this time any fcukwits will lose mirrors.