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[NSW] Camp Quality Pilioning, Sat Sep 16th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: jmuzz

    What: Camp Quality Ride Day (giving pillion rides)

    Where: Stanwell Tops

    When: Saturday 16th September 2006 (afternoon)

    Route: The route suggested by the Camp Quality organisers is out and along the Freeway (old highway as been suggested) area ...

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  2. What a great idea. Pity i cannot pillion people yet. I would, however, be willing to lend my bike, and/or gear to someone if they know someone who can ride and pillion but doesn't have a bike to do so.

    Also i think i might turn up on the day and lend my novice photography skills to them and take a bunch of photos. I might even get a mate to drive up so i can follow some of them along the hwy and photograph them riding along.....or drive ahead and photograph them coming around a corner...or over the brigde etc.

    Are there any local Netriders going up???
  3. School reunion that night unfortunately.
  4. oh... i thought 'camp quality' was referring to the standard of your cross-gender dressing :LOL:

    sounds like fun... enjoy.
  5. Only you could think of that :p :p :p
  6. Non pillion capable riders are more then welcome to come along :grin:
    More bikes to add to the spectacle for the kids and can also assist in keeping a buffer between traffic and other riders doing stupid overtakes into the pack.
    And pics are always enjoyed to remember the experience.

    Meet will probably be at Bald Hill lookout, not sure of the exact time yet as thats set by the camp people.

    I think they do need names in advance, so please dont leave it to the last minute to commit :grin:

    Oh, and the ride level is listed as intermediate as it involves pillioning kids so requires experience and confidence in your riding.
    But the route and speeds is really Beginner type ride. :grin:

    Strictly bellow speed limit and taking it very easy in corners obviously. No iresponsible behaviour is welcome.
  7. Sorry bit far away but blody brilliant idea.
    Should be more of it. Would be a great way to promote Netrider and its friendly community.

    NR if you do get some pics make sure you throw em up for a look c.

    Well done to everyone who gets involved. Brilliant
  8. Yeah it sounds like a great idea doesn't it....If i do make it, which it looks like i will be able to, then i will throw all the photos up on photobucket and post up the link.
  9. :applause: :applause:

    CQ is a great cause to support. Having been on the receiving end of this support i can tell you all that it makes a HUGE difference to the kids!!!.

    Thanks all.
  10. Oh, I wish I could too!

    (it's also my birthday)

    What better way to spend a day??
  11. Dito on this idea and me being to far away .. great idea and would be more than willing to be involved in something like this in the future well done and good luck
  12. Do we have more definite details on this?
  13. Not yet, will know on the weekend.
    Usually about 1:00pm start.

    But theres nice roads to ride in the area if you aim to be there about 11
    Should be a large variety of bikes coming allong, including 6 trikes which is great for the really little kids to small to ride on a bike safley :)

    There should be a ride beforehand.

    Sorry that theres late notice on the times, but its in the CQ peoples hands.
  14. i wouldnt mind coming for a spin, unfortunatly i wont be able to double any of the kids though (ive got a seating cowl and have removed the rear foot pegs), but wouldnt mind being there just for support
  15. how do i register for this ride or do i just turn up matt
  16. Soounds like a good day,

    Fear factory gig that night so if it runs late i'll have to bail early,

    But yeah i'm in.

    LPC up for it???
  17. So jmuzz do you know who we have to register with? And also are there any others planning on going besides Donkey.

    Oh yeah and donkey I'm definitely in, incase you didn't work that out yet. :)

    Also does anyone know what the deal is with helmets? I assume they will have the helmets needed for the kids?
  18. Yeah i got it.

    But i hope they do have the helmets,

    what about jackets ??? i doubt either of my jackets will fit any kids, or helmets for that matter.
  19. I would just be good to get some more solid information so jmuzz or anyone if you do find anything out please post it here.
  20. hmmmm, 16th is my Provisional course and test.

    So my bike, and gear are occupied. I would have liked coming along and sharing my gear and taking some happy snaps for the families.