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[NSW]Bylong Valley Way from Bylong to Sandy Hollow

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by RodSyd, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I was looking for something on google maps when I spotted this road. It looks like a really nice run through some beautiful country side. I was wondering if anyone here has been down that road and can say what the road surface is like. Its a fair hike for me to get there so I dont want to be turned around or end up on miles of unsealed or potholed road. Looks like a long day trip from Sydney but if its as nice as it seems I will add it to the "to be ridden" list.

    google map

  2. If the responses are any indication, I might be the first NRer to do this road. I googled the road and found a tourist website dedicated to it that says its sealed. I'll be sure to take the camera when I go for some pics. Looks like about 600km round trip, my longest yet. If I average 80kph thats still 7-8 hours in the saddle. Looks like it will be a summer day trip when the daylight hours are longer and warmer.
  3. I'm not real sure where you're going, but I lived in Denman many years ago and can definitely say that the road from the Putty through Jerry's Plains, Denman, Sandy Hollow, Gungal to Merriwa was sealed all the way back in the 70s so I can't see any reason for it not to be now.

    There IS one minor road out that way which we used to drive a lot, which is dirt for some part, and actually travels through a couple of one-way disused railway tunnels. It MIGHT be the one marked as Flaggs Road, to the south of the Golden Highway. Mind you, the Golden Highway is pretty long, flat and straight.
  4. The road from Mudgee to bylong is about 2/3 dirt, though not rough. You could ride it on a cruiser.

    The road up from Rylstone is all sealed.

    The road from bylong to to Denman is sealed all bar a few hundred meters now, thought the bit that isn't will take some concentration on a bike, though certainly not 4wd teritory.

    The bridge was out near Denman and there was a detour though a dairy a few months ago.

    I didn't do the sandy hollow bit.

    I don't know where you would go once you got to muswellbrook it's pretty ordinary around there. Maybe back to Singleton and back down the putty
  5. A rough plan would be to head out from Richmond, go through Lithgow, Rylstone up to Bylong then across the bit of road I'm curious about to Denman then head towards Singleton and take the Putty back to Windsor. Google maps has this at 517 km and 9 hours - although it gives just over an hour for a 28km leg which had me wondering about the road surface. In any case its definitely one for the warmer longer days of summer.
    I managed to get the loop feature working for google maps here
  6. Yep, did the bit from Denman to Bylong a few months ago. It used to be hard going but it is all but sealed now.

    Still you are not going to be able to go too quick through there. The 1 hr and 5 is more like 30min

    Maybe stay overnight in Rylstone. It is Australia's best country town.

    At least plan to have lunch there.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion ibast. Rylstone sounds like the perfect spot for at least a bike and rider refuelling. No worries about not being quick - anyone whos been on a group ride with me knows quick is not on my agenda.
    I sounded the wife out (she has a full rider license but hasnt been on bikes for a while). A weekend getaway, me on my bike and her on a hired, could be just the go in summer :) If I can get her to practise on mine between now and then. I have an ulterior motive here though, I want her to take over my LAMS bike when I eventually upgrade :grin:
  8. I'm looking at doing the exact same ride! But with maybe a few more km's in there somewhere. I'm riding down to the gp in phillip island for the first time with a mate and before we head off on that we're pretty keen for a overnight weekend ride somewhere. I'm quite a fan of putty rd, and heard good things of riding around the rhylstone, north of lithgow area..I'm just trying to find out what roads are worth going on and not just to get to the next town kinda thing.

    Really looking forward to getting out on the open road for the first time on my bike, its a CBR600RR..so not too touring friendly but I love it anyways
  9. well JG81 whichever of us goes first is dutybound to put a brief review and maybe pics up here ;)
  10. Nice one RodSyd! I've been looking for some new roads to cover, and that route of yours looks like a good day trip to me. I'll give it a go sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    Mental note: Stop relying so much on google maps for route planning... too many nice little roads disappear in the zoomed out view.
  11. Spactacular veiws of huge rock escarpments,did it years ago on a Laverda,some of the dirt bits then were 8 lanes wide,like being 1000ks west and yet only a couple of hours out of Sydney
  12. Finally got to do this run with the Mrs on my bike and me on a rental. Great loop and well worth the trip, sealed roads all the way and very little traffic from Lithgow all the way to Singleton. Lots of roadkill though so be wary of nonhuman traffic.