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[NSW] Bus Lanes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Q, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I'm relatively new to bikes...

    Just wondering am I allowed to ride in bus lanes?

  2. Depends upon what sort of bus lane and where in Australia the bus lane is.

    In NSW for example you can ride in a Bus Lane, but not in a Bus Only Lane. NSW also has 2P and 3P lanes and you can ride a bike in those as well.

    Victoria doesn't have shared bus lanes (that I'm aware of) but does have Bus Only turning lanes (you can't ride or turn in those). Some areas have bus priority as well.

    Not sure about other states.
  3. I was referring specifically to NSW.

    I've seen bikes and taxis use these red painted lanes...Especially going onto the Harbour bridge.
  4. Many riders on many bikes do many things that aren't 'permitted'... I assumed you wanted to know what was legal not what was possible :wink:
  5. Yeha but you see going south on the bridge from North Sydney side you have bus lane cameras....so.....yeh, is it legal? :?
  6. In NSW riders are allowed in bus lanes, t2 and t3 traffic lanes. The only lanes you can't use are the one marked "BUS ONLY LANE"

    Mayority of the red painted ones you can use, but be aware of the few with the ONLY clearly stated.

    From the RTA website:


    PS: It is legal to use the bus lane on the Harbour Bridge.
  7. Thanks heaps very much appreciated...sry about the NoOb question...

    Wud anyone know the best way from Epping to UNSW on a bike. UNSW is opposite the races at randwick and down from the SCG and Fox.
  8. lane cove road is it? the big 6 lane one into the city, pacific hwy, harbour tunnel, anzac pde turn left at high st or barker st.