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NSW Bus Lane incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by patawan, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. A while back I was pulled over by a cop while travelling in the 'bus lane' on my bike on the Great Western Highway at Parramatta. Anyways long story short I got into argument with the officer at the time that it was legal for me to ride in the bus lane. He didnt fine me for it but I was frustrated and decided to take this further as I felt I was unfairly treated. I emailed the police commissioners office telling them about the incident and felt I was unfairly treated by the police officer (unfortunately didn't get his badge number). I didn't expect they would reply however today I got an reply email from them today and an apology:

    Dear *****,

    Thank you for bringing to my attention the incident involving yourself, being stopped by police at the Great Western Highway, Parramatta on the 5/11/09. You are very much correct in relation to motorcycles being able to utilise the 'Bus Lane'.

    I generally would have preferred to speak with you over the telephone in relation to this matter, however I do not have your contact details.

    I would safely assume that most of the officers at the Parramatta Local Area Command, do know the criteria for use of a 'Bus Lane' and a 'Bus Only Lane'. I do apologise for your particular incident and the lack of technical proficiency demonstated by the officer, which you had dealings with. I have however raised the issue with all the staff at Parramatta so that they are aware of legislation in relation to the use of 'Bus Lanes'.

    Again thanks for highlighting this issue with us. If there is anything further you would like to raise in regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  2. :shock:

    {Eat your hearts out, Victorians :rofl:}
  3. Great stuff.

    Oh, Paul, how much do you twits in NSW pay each year for a custom plate?

    Eat YOUR heart out :p
  4. custom plate dosnt make the bike go faster so who cares, dont need 1
  5. its that sort of reply that makes you think positively on police in NSW. hats off to them occasionally. i hope they all have a safe xmas and it doesn't get too hectic for them over the silly season.
  6. My plate from Victoria would cost me $2500 to replicate up here. Currently only a 1 off charge, but QLD are only just marginally better than NSW.
  7. Hmmm. Riding in bus lane. Parking on footpath.

    Tough call.
  8. Touche. I think we might lose that one Hornet...

    Cops aren't so bad, and nice to hear about stuff like this. Just a pity about the twats they have to take orders from.
  9. bus lane vs footpath parking?

    bus lane.....what do they mexicans, ahem, sorry victorians do in peak hour traffic? suck it up with all the other cages when they get caught in it?

    i should take a video of my morning commute over the magnificent harbour bridge. hell, actually my morning bus lane ride starts near manly and goes all the way into the city. haha.

    oh, free parking in victoria? it's free in the sydney city anyway, you just have to get there early....for a spot
  10. It is inspiring to see the police provide a genuine and sincere response - hats of to them indeed! (y)
  11. Yeah... not many metered footpaths in victoria. :D