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NSW - Bus-lane ban looms for bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Following is from page 3 of the Daily Telegraph today. While it only mentions cyclists & taxis, it's safe to assume we're included.

    I couldn't find an online link, so I've typed it out.

    Bus-lane ban looms for bikes

    by Bruce McDougall

    Road chiefs will consider a proposal to ban cyclists and taxis from bus lanes.

    Roads Minister Michael Costa has asked the Roads and traffic Authority to investigate if a ban would improve safety and traffic flows in the city.

    His move follows a request from the bus union to change the law that allows cyclists and taxis to share bus lanes.

    Bus drivers have complained cyclists riding in bus lanes have become a hazard riding in the city. Theyt say bikes obstruct buses causing delays to services affecting thousands of passengers.

    "I'm sympathetic to the conerns of bus drivers in the CBD," Mr Costa said.

    "The NSW Government's plans to unclog the CBD will see more bus priority measures to cut travel times.

    "That includes new bus lanes and extending the operating hours of existing lanes. That's why I've asked the RTA to look at this issue in more detail."

    The bus division of the rail, Tram and Bus Union called for the taxi and cyclists ban during a meeting with senior Transport Ministry officals.

    Cyclists and taxis are legally allowed to travel in bus lanes but not in bus-only lanes as on the Harbour Bridge.
  2. Thanks for the retype Kaer.

    I don't think motorcyclists would necessarily be included in this. We don't stop the traffic (taxi's drop off/pick up) nor do we average a speed of 20kmph (yesterday excluded). If it's a question of traffic flow, then they have nothing to use against us.

    I agree that cyclists are a hazard - to themselves mostly. Until I got the bike I was on buses every day, coming down Parramatta Rd, and saw some scary situations when buses tried to overtake cyclists. If I was a cyclist, I wouldn't want to have mirrors either - just peddle along in my own little la-la-land completely oblivious to the havoc I am wreaking behind me.
  3. i know the approach bus lane on military road is 'bus only' but we are allowed to share it on the bridge...

    i really am not bothered if they make the city/parramatta road bus lanes 'bus only', but if they change the bridge, i'll be rather annoyed :?
  4. I thought one of the reason mbikes and pushies were allowed to use bus lanes, was because of safety.

    I actually remember reading a politician's speech about this once. Bike riders should be safer in the bus lane as they are sharing the lane with professional drivers (okay, save the cabbie rants :) ).
  5. SHHHHH !

    If we don't mention motorcycles they may not notice.

    worked in the past :)
  6. Like when they first thought of tolling options for the cross city tunnel? :LOL:
  7. your thread title is a little misleading....its cyclists ( ie bicyclists not motorbike riders )

    a relative of mine drives a bus and says people on bikes are crazy ( have to agree! ).

    going down spit hill to manly i saw a cyclist doing 60 k's between two buses about 4 metres from the front bus and about 4 metres in front of another bus....how would have he handled it if they had to stop?
  8. The only hope is they forget about us as they have done before :)

    But I expect instead of doing new legislation, they will just change the lanes from bus lanes to bus only lanes, which means only buses will go there.

    It's been sent onto to the MCC, we should get an official response back from Costa/RTA soon.
  9. Well, they could legalise lanesplitting, that would help... :idea:
  10. excerpt from article in SMH today: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national...ing-and-no-jams/2005/07/03/1120329331490.html

    The Premier, Bob Carr, has asked the Roads and Traffic Authority to investigate opening new bus lanes and extending the hours of existing lanes so cars are banned from using them between 6am and 8pm on weekdays.

    He said there would be more bus lane enforcement cameras to cope with the extra traffic expected when the Cross City Tunnel opens this month.

    good news on the provision bikes aren't banned :D
  11. Given the usual, under-the-table, response to motorcycle issues is the two and one finger salutes, expect bikes to be banned as well. They screw us at every other opportunity. I can't imagine this being any different.

    The thing that gets me about this whole issue is the comment about improving traffic flows. For who? From what I have seen bus lanes cause havoc with every other road user because they are placed on heavy traffic routes causing double the traffic congestion on the remaining lane. All they do is improve the government's figures when it comes to the tardiness of public transport.