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[NSW] Bus lane. "B" light [moved from general]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by aaahhh, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. NSW. If we can use a bus lane can we go on the ""B" light if we are at the front of the queue?

  2. Re: Bus lane. "B" light

    You're actually required to obey those 'B' signals if you're legally using the bus lanes...
  3. Good question, may be worth posing to the NSW RTA As far as I can see and stupid though it is, no you have to wait for a normal green light. You will make no friends with bus driver by doing this, so I would suggest in that case go through the intersection on the B light.

    From NSW Road Users Handbook

    B signals are attached to the usual traffic lights. They show a white B on a black
    background (some traffic lights have a red, yellow and white B signal attached to
    them). Shortly before the usual traffic signals change to green, the B signal lights
    up white. All other vehicles stay while the buses may go. Buses may proceed in any
    direction unless signs or markings indicate otherwise. When the lights turn green
    other vehicles may move off.

    Adding to above after seeing Nk's post. That would make more sense [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION] but I can't find any supporting legislation. Do you have a reference?
  4. Sure CJ, Section 280 of the NSW Road Rules 2008 deals with signals in bus lanes: http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/v..., Search In="Text"&fullquery=((("bus lane")))

    The relevant part is quoted below in red, and states that a motorcyclist is a legal user of the lane, and is therefore required to obey the signals therein:
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  5. I've never seen a B-signal on anything other than a Bus-Only lane, which we're not allowed to use. Strange.
  6. Hope I'm still on topic:

    I've seen at an intersection where at the lights where it is written "bus only" on the ground - suspect it has a B-signal as well, and the lane is painted red.

    But just after the intersection, whilst the lane is still red, it says "Bus lane 24 hours". Presume all systems are go after the intersection?

    Hope this works:
    http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&biw=1143&bih=789&q=epping road sydney&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

    Its the intersection of Mowbray Rd and Epping Road in Sydney. Travelling south bound on Epping road. Its followed by a series of bus lane cameras.... hope I don't have a bunch of bills coming in the mail...
  7. The way i've always read it is that it's a standard bus lane that we can use unless it has the word "only" in it. Eg. "Bus only lane 24 hours" = no.
  8. I've never seen a Bus Lane go all the way upto the lights. This is probably because of the B light thing. But I'm happy to be corrected if you know an intersection where this is the case.
  9. Corner of Station and Hassall Streets, Parramatta.
    There are many others...
  10. I stand corrected. It is strange there, Bus Only one side, Bus Lane the other. I wonder what led to this decision making process. Well if I was there and there was a bus behind me I would certainly be going when the B came up.

    Edit: actually the sign says Bus Only, despite the lane saying Bus Lane. My guess is the roads people made a boo boo http://maps.google.com.au/maps?q=Pa...=7XvpHJCfOJWTSYutvdKUAw&cbp=12,107.48,,0,5.11
  11. It's even stranger if you look closely: The Bus Lane at the lights is a Right-Turn-Only lane, but it goes into the interchange which is "off-limits".
    The line dividing the bus and car lanes is solid.
    So, if you're on a bike and use that lane, you need to either go straight ahead (against the right-turn arrow) or cross back into the car lane (across the solid line).
  12. And if you look at the road markings further up they swap which side of the road is bus only and bus lane.

    I would say it is all meant to be Bus Only and someone stuffed up.

    Any examples that are not so special?
  13. I'll let you guys know in a few weeks... if I still have my Ls it ok. otherwise its a no no lol.
    I read it the same way as NiteKreeper - as it doesn't have the "only" word in it after the interchange, riders are welcomed.

    It makes sence to have a bus only lane AT the lights - it avoids having riders and taxis blocking the way for a bus. It is afterall transporting alot more people.
  14. We have two "bus lane turning into a bus only lane near the lights" examples on Pittwater Rd between Narrabeen and Mona Vale heading north (none heading southbound until you get to Brookvale). The twist is that they "drop" their markings in the last 5m before the lights (and neither have a "B" light). Like every other bike on the peninsula, I grit my teeth and ride through the 30m odd of the "only" section.
  15. Your bike won't set off the trigger for the B light to come on, I use them on the limo and the limo won't trigger them
  16. You will be in 'BUS ONLY' lanes which are different to normal bus lanes and motorcycles cannot be in them.
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