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[NSW]Bucketty to St. Albans(dirt)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by gegvasco, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Got off the beaten track a bit today and found an absolutely outstanding route out the back of Wisemans Ferry. It includes a whole lot of country dirt roads, some a little treacherous but it certainly is more than a trail. If you have a bike that can handle a bit of dirt with some loose patches and some potholes then I highly recommend this route:

    From Sydney, do the Old Road all the way through and then head to Central Mangrove(the intersection that has the options of going to Wisemans via Spencer, Wollombi and Calga. Take the Wollombi option by heading North. Go for about 30k's through Kulnara until you get to Bucketty. Just past Bucketty there is a major intersection in the middle of nowhere that shows a turnoff to Wisemans. Turn left into that and you hit dirt straight away and enter the Yengo Forest. It is about 35k's of reasonable dirt to St Albans. The dirt is very twisty and descends through the valleys. There is a fair bit of gravel and a bit of shallow sand here and there so you have to be careful. Also lot's of blind corners so have to keep the speed down.

    The road takes you deep down into the valleys West of Wollombi Road/East of the Putty Road. The scenery is incredible!(Bloody camera packed it in today :mad: ). There are some little hamlets that seem to have been forgotten by time. I'm talking log huts circa 1800's. Closer to St Albans you enter St Albans Common which is a private expanse of river/lake/valleys which is absolutely breathtaking. As you come closer to St Albans you also come up aganist some enormous escarpments.

    St Albans has a phenomenal little Inn - the Settlers Arms Inn. This place is also straight out of the 1800's and is something you have to stop and have a look at. The meals aren't cheap at all but seemed to be pretty good. It is the sort of place you pay extra for the wait.

    At St Albans there is a bridge which gives you two options for getting to Wisemans. The road over the bridge is dirt for about 10k's and then turns into a brilliant little road all the way to the Webb Creek Ferry at Wisemans. This road is a "no posted speed limit"(ie. the national limit (100) for those who don't know their road rules) which has a brilliant surface, lots of twisties and is really good fun. But watch out as very few of the turns are marked with advisory speed signs - I almost scared myself once but traded fear for peg scrapers and got around. I wish I had had the time to look at the sparks in the mirror.

    Alternatively, the road out of St Albans that stays on the St Albans side is almost as much fun but has more dirt out of St Albans. Probably the last 5-10k's before Wisemans is tarmac and is about the same as the road from Wisemans to Spencer ie. narrow, unmarked.

    If you had a group doing the Old Road/Spencer/Wisemans Loop it may pay to take a detour up the West side of the river to St Albans, as long as those who aren't happy with dirt take it real easy.
  2. "The previous announcement has been sponsored by Suzuki Australia" :LOL:

    Sounds like a V-Strom advert, Greg, makes me wish I had a bike like your's to enjoy it too!!! :)
  3. You got it. The Strom is really coming into it's own. It is still fast(albeit with less ground clearance on the pegs) but can handle some pretty awful roads. Still had to take the Cibber out today for Macquarie Pass/Nasho.
  4. Hi Greg have you been down that road recently. we are planning to go on monday and was wondering what the road is like these days. thanks Paul
  5. Did you hear any banjoes playing?
    Another great road is River Rd. Take it just before you cross webs ck ferry. Again a bit of gravel. Excellent.

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  6. Shhh,dont go blabing about these roads,found another the other day,back way from Mangrove Mountain to the west side of Whong