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[NSW] Brisan Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by kodiak, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. I've purchased a BMW R1100RT from Brisan Motorcycles and apart from the transport (that was arranged by a different company and was a pleasant surprise) I have to say I got lower than expectable quality of service.

    First of all, there was quite a bit of negotiation going on over the phone and emails. It was quite difficult (if not impossible) to get action or just a reply with a decent amount of information. This could still be ok, everyone can be overbooked or just too busy in general. I'm dealing with (quite sensitive) clients and this responsiveness is just mediocre.

    Then, when the bike was delivered, that was a bit of a surprise. Initially the bike was said to go through a checkup and if anything would show up I should have been notified. Not like a full blown annual service, just a checkup. This resulted in a long two weeks (!) waiting with no feedback coming up, so I took it as a positive outcome (I'm not naive, this is a second hand bike).

    On delivery, there was no evidence of this work and the bike has a missing service manual. In fact, it was missing everything that might accidentally show up with a second hand bike (tools, god forbid user manual, whatever...etc). Almost like if it was meticulously removed (radio included). I mean they're a BMW reseller, at least ask the customer, might sell some extra stuff.

    Worst of all it came on a flat, dead battery (quite common issue, service should know this inside out) with the ABS freaking out because of running low on juice. I started it twice for a short while the day I've got it, never ridden and that was it. How can this not be caught on the checkup? Simple, there was no such thing.

    3 out of 10, sorry.
  2. There's two sides to every story, but your side sounds a bit underwhelming....
  3. You bought a used BMW. Here's a hint, they're not as well built or as reliable as their rabid fans would have you believe.
    Sell it and run!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. :) Thanks for the advice..

    Ok, seriously. It's not about the bike, not even about the battery. I would have replaced that myself if I was told (like I'm doing it now anyways once I get a bit of daylight). It's how you treat your customers. I hope I'm just an exception.

    Anyways, let's not have this topic turn into generic rant, just wanted to put out a quick heads up.
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  5. The first time i went into Brisans, i bought $1100 worth of gear from the bloke upstairs, next week, went in to have a look at a brand new 675 and didnt get recognised by any one of the guys there, even though I spent at least half an hour getting gear and spoke to 3 of them the previous week, (two of which i recognised as soon as i went in). (Ended up getting the shits with it all and buying a second hand one, for a LOT less.)

    I mean I'm only young, but fcuk I'm gonna be a loyal customer for at least the next few years. A major plus is that at all times they have been courteous to me and given me good advice, so I dunno if it's just cause I'm young and look like a poser or something, but coming from a small town where my old man recognises a cocky who hasnt bought anything from our hardware shop in 2 years and suggests to him what would be good for his crop this year and addressess him by his name etc, just seems a little bit shit. Oh well, spose that happens in big towns. My 2c
  6. For the sake of correctness: this morning I've got an unexpected package from them, that was a positive surprise. It included copies of some of the owner manuals, a CD with documents and a spare key. If they're reading this, thanks for that.

    I sorted out my other complaints meanwhile, so I'm happy now.
  7. So you expected what must be a 15 year old bike to be perfect??? :? :? Did you not notice the battery was a bit sluggish when you test rode? :? :? :? and... so you didn’t ask about the rider man etc when you purchased the bike but when they didn’t turn up you cracked the shits??? and... then it sounds like they passed them onto you without you asking??? now... that's shit Service?

    Your right hornet600 there is two sides to every story.

    I purchased a 2008 Triumph Speedmaster from Brisan Motorcycles last year in Newcastle and had such a surprisingly refreshing experience. Not only did the staff treat me like a real person / human they really had the Triumph thing down.
  8. and you are?
    Rather than chime in with your "recommendation" in a 6 year old thread as a first post , it may help if you explain your situation and experience.
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  9. It seems Brisans haven't changed in 2014. One of the salesman (I won't name him) was real nice at first over the phone when I inquired about a Ducati GT1000 they have for sale. I live in Northern NSW and was quite willing to buy the bike with photos they sent me and pick it up and pay cash. The bike is for sale on Ebay for $10,990 also with 'best offer' also. After seeing the photos of the tank (clear has been pulled off in places by 2x tank pads) I also asked about if the bike had a code card (anyone that know Ducati realizes this card is a 'must have)'. The reply I got via Email after offering $10,000 cash was simply 'We have all keys, I’ve not seen the card. But as to your offer, thanks but no thanks'.. Maybe not a drama in some peoples eyes, but if my Employees gave a reply like that to a Customer they wouldn't be my Employee for long!

    The whole thing was done outside of Ebay, so by the time these guys pay Ebay and possibly PayPal fees I don't know how much they think they're going to make out of it anyway??
  10. and you are?
    Rather than chime in with your "me too" in a 6 year old thread as a first post , it may help if you explain your situation and experience at greater detail.
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  11. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else Smee, but just sharing an experience i had and thought I explained it fairly well??
  12. I think he was referring to forum etiquette of posting in the welcome area, introducing yourself, your experience, likes, dislikes, etc. before finding a thread to vent your frustrations in a really old thread.

    As a moderator on several car forums I find that the people making complaints actually aren't aware they are disobeying forum rules and etiquette.

    That's just my view as a new member of this site.
  13. I wouldn't have thought the card was a deal breaker. Should have 3 keys. Just make sure you don't lose them all and you should be OK. Not a bad price. Why didn't you just pay the asking price?
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    With 66,000 K's on it, I wouldn't think it would be worth over 10k? After owning many Ducati's in the past (with Immobilizers) , you need the Card to 'override' the immobiliser should it bugger up (which has also happened to me before) should the need arise! All the Red Key is used for is making duplicate keys!! Also, clear coat is missing (peeling) off the tank where it has 2x tank protectors (one on top and one in front of the seat). I reckon these things combined would reduce the value of the bike a fair bit, but I could live with it at 10k?
  15. He did say thanks twice in one sentence , that's not all bad. As for your offer he has every right to knock it back if he chooses. I'm struggling to see what you are complaining about, either make a better offer or walk away, isn't it that simple ?
  16. I get much better service from Brisan than I do from Boydies. They're usually much friendlier and pleasant to deal with.
  17. Good to see these holding their value well. And thanks for the info about the immobiliser.
  18. My experience has been the opposite with those two places lol
  19. lol that's odd. One of the sales dudes at Brisan even recognises me whenever he sees me and asks about my bike, which I didn't even buy in Newcastle.
  20. I've been in Brisans 2 or 3 times and haven't found them all that willing to help. Even after I had to find someone to ask.

    Maybe it's cause I rocked up in a POS Commodore wearing a flanno, a Slayer T-shirt, shorts, and thongs to a place that first impressed me as somewhere they wanna know you have cash before they talk to you and I didn't fit the profile lol.

    That's all personal opinion of course...

    Boyds' has been good, both myself and the mrs have bought gear there.