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NSW Breakfast Torque

Discussion in 'NSW' started by haggis, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Yeah Haggis been to the last couple... a little disappointing due to the small allocated space. Apparently this time the whole oval is going to be used so more to see and do :grin:

    Sounds like a few of the Shire boys will be there and going for a spin through the park after..... :grin:
  2. Count me in.
  3. i'd love to come! am interested...
  4. I hope to make it sometime between 8 and 11. Might see some of you there

  5. count me in aswell, sounds like a good day out
  6. So... The real question is... How do I get there? What's the actual address?

  7. I'll see how slow work is that morning................. might pop over the moat for a free snag :LOL:
  8. Google is your friend.
    Theres a nice download able version called google earth

    The oval is really close to the entrance to the national park.
    I think the nasho might get a little crowded on the day.
  9. Steve, what time you getting there? Im up for a little putt through to to top of the drop afterwards as well hey..
  10. just follow the rainbow to the end and you will find "The Shire". :grin:
    or scroll down to the map :wink:

    basicly its on the left heading south just before the turn off for the RNP.
  11. Want to head to mac pass hey doc?? have missed that big thobbing v twin, have had doms vtr in my ear from last weekend, also we swapped bikes from taree to port mac, interesting.... :cool:
  12. I'll be there at 0800 hrs Doc....last time there were literally hundreds of bikes in carpark...just look for Jezebel and I'll search for the silver dream racer..... :grin: Probably be parked to some Black coloured Blackbird :grin:
  13. Sounds like its gonna be a huge turnout. Should be good and who knows might win something. hehehe
  14. yup, i'm coming :D but will be leaving at 11.. or at least before midday.
  15. Ho hum, the usual Sunday outing that i will have to miss, dam work :cry:
  16. leaving your place or the breakfast?? some of us goingto hit the nationla park and mac pass if your keen???
  17. Leaving the breakfast...

    And I've heard that the guys going on the national park ride afterwards are hoons and evil, and not suitably fitted to ride with learners... Is this true??

  18. True, false, false.
  19. No they are not!!!!!!...............just because they travel in excess of 200k/h through the blind bends of national park and Mac Pass, does not make them unsuitable for learners............................it's just that you wont see them until the next meet point :LOL: When you get there they are kitting up for the next run :LOL: :LOL: :twisted: