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[NSW] Blue Slip Recommendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by V-meister, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    I may be buying a Ducati Scrambler from QLD and will need to get it blue slipped. It's got a Termignoni exhaust on it and it's near new (2015 model with 500km on it). Does anyone know anywhere/anyone that would be able to blue slip it for me?


    P.S. I'm located on Sydney's lower north if that helps
  2. Lloyd Penn?
    Lloyd Penn Motorcycles - Services
    I know he does pink slips, not sure about blue slips.

    Or Northside Motorcycles
    Moto Guzzi - Northside Motorcycles - Specialising in Motor Cycles - Retail and Repairs
    They used to be a Ducati dealer.
  3. Hey V-meister. would like to hear how you go. I am thinking of moving to Sydney and also would need do blue slip. My Duc also has termi's with the baffles out at the moment and was wondering if I'd have problems registering her there.
  4. Just updating this thread. I ended up going to Bronte Autos and John was great. The Termi had the baffle in it so it was technically all good.
  5. If in doubt just fit the stock exhaust to pass.
    You can do it yourself it's an easy job.
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