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NSW Blue Slip and use of non OEM fairings

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AznCruiser, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Ive been looking at getting another bike and one particular GSXR bike has caught my eye.

    Apparently it was previously used on the road in its former like but converted to a trackie with race fairings. The sale would include all the necessary lights, turn signals, passenger pegs etc but doesnt seem to include the old OEM fairings.

    My question is, would mounting the OEM bits an pieces to a race faired bike (position the headlights at the right height and the like), could this pass a "blue slip" inspection or would it require an OEM fairing to pass?

  2. Im sure if you did some work and lined up the headlight and brake light and made sure everything looked as it should, they couldnt turn you down right? maybe also give them a decent spray job with rattle cans?

    Good question lol
  3. cheers dude, just didnt want to buy something and find later on that it cant be ridden on the road without buying those expensive OEM stuff.
  4. Yep it'll pass. Go to a car mechanic just to be sure :]
  5. Nice, so car mechanics can also give blue slips to motobike? This is perfect, ive got a dodgy (to me anyway) auto mechanic a couple of blocks from home.........................ive previously palmed off an old beat up car to him for free, they used it as a courtesy car for months..........ever since then hes been more lenient on things ;)
  6. Yes, any car mech that can do blue slips (or whatever they're called now) can do bikes too.
  7. Check the vin number for previous registration first before buying, there may be a reason it was converted to a track bike, that the seller isn't telling you about.

    No OEM fairings might indicate it was dropped and damaged, then written off.

    No good spending the money to buy, fix up , and then find you can't register it....
  8. thanks all, had a talk with the seller and dont think its going to go ahead. Its good to know though that I can just buy a bike with race farings and convert it back by bolting on all the road gears (provided it can still be used on the road).............I hate most of the fancy graphics most bikes have now days...............lol some netrider guys have already commented on my rainbow coloured bike lol :p
  9. Ummm... sorry for that comment Mal but the rainbow was begging for the "Gay Pride" theme outburst the other week :rofl:

    If you're coming off your restrictions in December, why don't you just sell your cruiser (which you admit you hardly ride), get a decent 600 and be done with it. Why buy another bike that potentially needs a lot of work to get up to roadworthy standards (and as grange mentioned, could be a statutory right-off meaning you're stuffed). That is unless you really enjoy working on "diamonds in the rough".

    PS. I thought that race glass wouldn't have provision for headlights in the first place.
  10. Lol my parents wants me to have plenty of grand kids like any good Asian parents……………..they were angry when I got the cruiser as any parents would and went totally off their rockers when I bought a rainbow (gay) coloured lawnmower sounding bike. Me continually telling them that it’s a “two stroke” bike didn’t help haha………….Blaise do you think id fit in the Sydney Mardi Gras with my rainbow coloured bike + light leather?

    Yeah im still thinking of selling the cruiser but change my mind every time I look outside and see it all nice and shiny. Ill probably wait for the warmer months to sell it, really depends on whether I see a top bargain. Ive got my eyes on 600cc bikes, 1000 is physically too big and way too powerful for my liking. I do like a good bargain though :)
  11. Still have (what remains of) the tassels? Add a pair of chaps, faded jeans with the cheeks cut out of 'em, a leather G-string and you should be set ;p

    I agree with waiting a bit to sell the cruiser... need some warmer weather to bring out the punters with the cash.
  12. Doh spoke too soon, I might have to sell the cruiser sooner now................................I think I might have just bought another bike, im having a look see this Monday and getting my cash money ready just in case :)...................and no I aint telling nobody on what type of bike it is, just in case it falls through :p.