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[NSW] Blue Mtns via The Imperial, Sun Sep 3rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Scrambles

    RV #1: Penrith train station carpark, opposite The Red Cow bar @ 10:00am
    RV #2: Springwood Rd/Casltereigh Rd intersection @ 10:20am

    West along Springwood Rd through twisties, pass Hawksbury lookout to Springwood. Right onto Great Western Hw...

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  2. I piked out yesterday.
    Had one of those sundays where you just needed to recharge.
    Count me in on this one.
  3. Sounds fun. I'm not currently aware of anything that will prevent me attending.
  4. Death? Giant ants?
  5. or in my case . . .

    Harrys Cafe De Wheels Chilli Dog ! :shock:
    that caued my MIA yesterday !
  6. Nope. Death and Giant Ants have always given me 8 days written notice.
    I think this one will be ok.

    ... and are you using teh intarweb at werk! Naughties! :p

    ... ok, I am too. *hypocrisy bullet dodged*
  7. Of course! Ours is the only dept. that doesn't have monitored internet usage...actually we do, IS just doesn't fill out the reports for us. Its just because a lot of our work involves organising feeds with international networks, and posting on bike forums, and ebay, and youtube, and....
  8. I should be in on this one. I used to live at Leura. Not sure what route you are thinking of through Leura but there is a great lookout tucked away called Olympian Rock near the toy/train museum. Almost guaranteed to be no-one there. About a 100m walk down some steps to get to it from the road. 180 degree panorama and it beats the crowds and pay parking at Echo Point. Heading out of Leura via the Cascades, can take Cliff Drive back to the highway, bypassing Katoomba. There WILL be a lot of cars on it and probably some bits with loose gravel on it but if we take it easy it should be OK.

    STOP PRESS - Just realised this is Fathers Day! My folks still live at Leura so I can go as far as the end of Cliff Drive and back onto the highway where I will head to my folks' place.
  9. :eek:hno: It's Fathers' Day on the 3rd. Oh no....... :eek:hno:
  10. Sounds good, but...
    I'll join this route when it's warmer... :oops:
  11. S......O.......F.......T :LOL:
  12. I'm keen for this ride if my bike is ready in time guys. Right on my back doorstep too :)
  13. :shock:
    so... what sort of medication are you mountain boys on to boost up C19H28O2 (i.e. testosterone)??? I need to get some! :LOL:
  14. Me? I'm just high on life! :sick: :LOL:
  15. yeah sounds good!

    will come! IF i find the place! ;-)
  16. Guys I think I'll be coming too. Hope I won't fall TOO far behind :)

    Scrambles I'll grab your mobile number on saturday so I can give u a call if i get lost on the way to Penrith station.
  17. Roger that.
  18. is there an ETA on getting back to penrith. the old man lives out there and still have the duty of seeing him for fathers day
  19. I would say 3pm, give or take.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ferrets are the best pets you could ever own.
  20. Altidue or attitude? :wink: