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[NSW] Blue Mountains, Sun May 7th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 4, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Greg Powell

    Meet Red rooster carpark cnr Richmond Rd and Yarramundi Dean Park (near M7 and Richmond Rd junction.

    Time 1000 hrs for 1030 departure

    Route Richmond Rd, Darling Causeway, Hawkesbury RD, Gt Western, Little Hartley. Rtn via Darling Causeway and Bel...

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  2. Count me in....
  3. I'll be there. Bring your warm stuff, could be a bit cold at speed.
  4. ....good point.
  5. If anyone lives further west, they can meet up at 1045 cnr Castlereagh Rd and Hawkesbury rd Anges Bank or they can meet up along the route. Just post on this thread to let us know.

    Weather for the mountains :partly Sunny 15C :cool:


    Mario Mendoza
  6. see you there !

  7. Hi All,

    Sounds great, i'd like to come along and meet a few fellow "Netriders" being relatively new here and all.

    How long would you say the ride would take in total? I've got some commitments in the arvo, but i might be able to swing it, if it's not too long.

  8. for a just there and back ride about 2.5 hrs. Adding in checking out the eatery in Little Hartley, about 3.5 - 4 hrs speed and rest break dependent. :? :)

    So are you in? :)
  9. nothing to say you can't turn back in your own time. I had to do something similar a few weeks ago on the Wiseman's Ferry ride. Had to turn back half way as I had a wedding to go to.

    Anyway, hope you can make it. A good opportunity for us to meet you and you us.....

  10. Ah the Mountains on a brisk early winters morn. :LOL:

    Remember it's not cold lads, it's bracing, refreshing, character building.

    I'll think of you while I sip a cuppa on my sun drenched southern balcony.

  11. Ahh, you lowlanders are soft. As a Blue Mountains boy I can say it still boiling hot of a morn at this time of year! :LOL: Might have to wear some thermals under my jeans.
  12. Greg, you Highlander.....Ther can be only one.....
  13. My Mum and Sister lived for many years at Meadlow Bath.
    I rode up regularly, summer and winter.
    In sunshine and in snow.
    I've ridden a few hundred of the tracks and trails all over the mountains.
    Great place to live if you don't have to commute down to the lowlands for work.
    The mountains are my favorite riding area.
    Places not to be missed: The Glow Worm Tunnel and the Jurassic Park like gorge.
    Newnes and the old shale oil works.
    The ride thru the Wolgan Valley to get there.
    The river crossing.
    MacMans Point Lookout back down near Wentworth Falls.
    Jenolean Caves to Wombeyan Caves via Dingo Dell. (rugged off road and very steep hills)
    Oberon to Yerrandrie the old silver mining town.
    (sometimes rugged dirt road, no petrol at Yerrandrie, 80 kilometers one way)
    No petrol at Jenolean or Wombeyan caves anymore either. Another great National Parks initiative.
    Only petrol I know of is at Oberon and then down at Taralga. So it's a few hundred kilometers between gas stops. Large tank or fuel container a must.
    Sorry lads, all dirt roads.
    However, anyone with an unfaired bike can do it if they are careful and take their time.
    Except the Dingo Dell route, that's hardcore Adventure or dirt bikes only.
    None of the above recommended in winter or after a good rain, trails just become red mud.
    Although on the right bike that's fun too.
  14. ....sounds like a whole lot of rides we'll be having to nag you to organise. Sometimes it's just better to remain silent.... :)
  15. By next summer I (and probably Sleddog) will have trail bikes.
    This has been one of the few years I have been without one.
    I'll probably buy a new KLR 250. It's a great bike for trails and camping trips.
    There are plenty of used trail bikes around between 250 and 650cc also.
    I'm happy to take anyone exploring in the Mountains. There are so many places up there that few Sydneysiders every get to visit. Apart from the main, well known tourist stuff.
    Maybe every couple of months we could do a deal with a hire company and get six or so trail bikes at a discount price for a weekend. If any Sydney bike hire company does trail bikes that is.
    Chrisse won't have to, she already has a trail bike!

    We could do the Glow Worm Tunnel on any bike Gypsy. Your chrome will get a little dusty but that's all. Sports bikers just take your fairings off.
    Newnes is ok on any bike also. Terri took her Moto Guzzi last time we went and had no trouble crossing the shallow river.
    We stayed in a caravan at Lithgow, it was dirt cheap for four of us. Just take sleeping bags is all.
    For security I take a backpack, strapped to the bike. When at locations and walking around I wander off into the bush with it and stash it out of site until I return to where the bike is parked.
    I never used to do this, but Dave and I had our gear stolen off bikes at Jenolean Caves two years ago. So I hide the gear in the scrub when not next to the bike now.
    Rode across half the world, never lost anything off the bike, then stuff nicked by four youths in an old Datsun at Jenolean. I almost caught them, now there's a story for another time...LOL.
    Me doing 150 kph down the dirt road to Oberon on a 1400cc Intruder chopper.
  16. have a great ride guys. see you next weekend!
  17. greg (marvin) !

    You left early !
    You missed the highlight of the ride !

    Greg (G) pulled a STOPPIE !!! . . . . :eek:

    It looks friggen awesome, good recovery also, no death wobbles or anything ! His rear tyre did a full 1ft lift off the ground !
  18. was it intentional or part of an avoidance of a stoopid cager ? :?:
  19. It was at the Regatta Centre while doing an emergency stop. Got both myself and Mickb giving him a standing ovation.....

    ....but on the ride itself, what can I say. A great ride guys. Thanks to MarvinTheMartian (Greg) for organising this. Next time, though, give the wind the day off. Rding thru the mountains, getting blown around, wind chill factor of who knows what, it was a relief to get down the Bells Line of Road to feel the sudden temperature increase. Full points to MarvinTheMartian. He removed his jacket lining on the way up the mountain and felt the cold til lunchtime. Then he put the liner back on and felt the heat coming down the mountain.....

    ....for anyone that hasn't done the Bells Line of Road, I highly recommend it. Some awesome scenery, and with a guide like Gegvasco to take you through the scenic route, a great ride. Just have to dodge all the sticks and stuff falling from the trees. Mickyb seemed to enjoy riding thru the swirling leaves though. Never quite worked that one out.....

    ...til next time guys.....

    Cheers All....
  20. Its a Wizard of Oz thing ! :p
    . . . I can't work it out either ! :grin:

    Your not the first to say that, when I went for a bush bash with Forester drivers, one commented how i'd like to intentionally splash through mud holes and puddles . . . . I know its juvenile, its what little boys do ! :LOL:

    I did manage to scrap my foot peg going down Bells Line at Kurrajong ! :grin:

    I say we ride Bells Line again as a future ride, remember the Tarana one i'm planning Danté !! :wink: