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[NSW] Blue Mountains Ride, Sat Sep 30th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mickster

    If you not too pissed after watching the Swans win against West Coast . . come for a ride.

    Route is
    - up Springwood Rd
    - through Yurramundi
    - tourist route through Blue Mountains.
    - Down Mt Victoria to Hartley
    - then either twistys to Oberon o...

    ... more

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  2. Well I think I am in on this one, especially as you are practically going past my door.. I'll meet you guys at the Lawson Servo as Micky suggested.. just let me know about what eta.. I might have a friend coming too.. :grin:

    Now guys go easy on me, my first group ride.. :shock:

    Something to be remembered... double demerits this weekend.. :eek:hno:
  3. no probs SQ !

    I'll post up approximate eta times to Lawson.
    I reckon its a little under an hour from Penrith to Lawson via Springwood Rd.

    PM one of us your mob number so we'll SMS if we leave the departure point on time.

    We'll take it easy !

    Just remember though, if its a Shiny Black VTR . . . take caution !
    If its Matte-Black, you should be safe ! :LOL:
  4. Is this ride still on guys...im keen as chips for something on Saturday. Also Can u guys help me with the address on meeting place. im coming over from the Eastern Suburbs.

  5. soooo guys.. is this still on?? come on, whos in on this one??
  6. Hey Suzyq im in !! :)
  7. yep.

    We are looking at meeting at a Mobile servo in Nth Penrith.

    Corner of Andrews and Castlereagh Rds.
    Say 9am. . . fill up, check tyres etc.

    Then we head up the mountains via Yurramundi, Springwood Rd.

    Meet mountain-folk at Lawson Shell servo (opposite Lawson Station) in under an hour or so.

    Then Go West ! :LOL:
  8. ok Micky, me and Bluestorm03 will meet you at the Lawson Servo at about 9:45am.. or thereabouts. There will be a lot of traffic going up the mountains with the long weekend and the beginning of school holidays.
  9. I will also be taggin along with gegvasco... its gonna be a good ride. Although it is a long weekend with double points so we better be careful.
  10. good stuff.
    It was looking like a Honda only ride for a minute (SPADA, V25, VTR, Firestorm), but gegvasco is taking his Suzuki Truck along ! :grin:

    yeah, there DD is a pain !
  11. OI,

    So how's this lookin? there'll be lots of traffic through the mountains, and the double demerits :(

    I'm in bathurst, but I could meet you guys at lawson it's a nice ride up the mountain after all :D

    let me know how many will show and what you expect of the traffic. you guys gonna stop for lunch somewhere?

  12. Hey Tim,

    Yep Tarana Pub for lunch I think is the go :grin: .. yeah bugger about the traffic but oh well.. the weather will be great.. and hey what else would you rather be doing?? me probably housework.. :cry: so I know what I'd rather be doing.. :biker:
  13. yeah, lunch at Tarana hotel !
    why don't we meet you there !
    since Gregg is taking his V-Storm, we might look at looping around to Hampton or something.
  14. Yeah I could meet at tarana, but then most of the riding will have been done :(

    Were there any plans after that?

    As for what else I'd be doing on Sat, well I do have a bit of bike maintenance to do before a 900 K trip on Sunday/Monday.

    I gotta put on a new chain this arvo that stretched to buggery at the RNP ride last weekend. Poor old bike...

  15. how about the flange bolts and flopping right indicator ??? :grin:

    I like bikes with its own character !!

    BTW, anyone have Falco-Phil's contact number ???
    I have a suspicion he is coming on this ride, i think he will just turn up as usual with no notice. It is school holidays and all . . . he has heaps of time on his hands ! ;)
  16. gegvasco Number

    Also please does anyone have gegvasco's contact number.

    I am suppose to be meeting him tomorrrow morning to ride to penrith from the city.

    Thanks guys!
  17. You have to get clearance from Russell Offices before you get his number ! :rofl:

    i can tell you, but then I have to . . .well, you know the rest ! LOL

    PM him !
  18. Romus, Romus . . where for art thou Romus ?
    Shall thou be on your noble stead at tomorrows sunrise ?
  19. Hehe probably not, Micky dear :p Rode thru RNP last night, and on the way back cops started sweeping already. Seen 2 busts within few km's.

    Dont know if I'm willing to chase you boys around with one eye on my speedo the whole time. :) Nothing against the boys and girls in blue, as you know, but I can't afford to get busted - double DD's or not, and this weekend chances of that would be a little better :)
  20. Just play follow the leader, and whoever is in the lead is responsible for everyones license!!

    If you guys give me a time at tarana then I'll try and come say hi for lunch, maybe follow you around the area a bit, but I really should spend the morning at least doing some work, plus I will get more than enough riding on the Mon/Sun...