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[NSW] Blue Mountains Ride - Lithgow Small Arms Museum, 21/9

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Michael

    Meet at McGraths Hill Macccas - 9:30 for a 10am departure.
    Destination - Small Arms Museum at Lithgow, trip is via Bells Line of Road.

    Lunch at Hartley.

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  2. This is going to be one hell of a long ride!!!! :LOL:
  3. So this is a NSW's ride?
  4. Yep by the sounds of it :p
  5. How small do your arms have to be? I'll be in this :)
  6. yes a real long ride

    a whole 60 mins from maccas to lithgow :LOL:
  7. . . . there was a typo error when this ride was posted !
    It originally said Vic !

    Here is info on the museum some of us gun-nuts are visiting !

    If time permits, lunch at Tarana Hotel.
  8. Hey Michael,
    I will be there, big weekend with the L ride on Sun.
  9. Got work but would've liked to come as i have been told the roads near Bells is great guess i'll hear about it next fidler meet.

    Have fun !
  10. Dammit Micky, I said the 21st! And I wanted to sample Bell's Line! :tantrum: :LOL:

  11. It could change.
    I'm waiting for sin-binned Marlon to comment because this is his ride/plan.

    He is currently banned from NR because he has an attitude ! :rofl:
  12. Excellent... </Mr.Burns>

    I wonder if they have Google ads at the museum? They seem to kill more people than guns around here :rofl:
  13. Dear fellow Mods,
    It seems TheYak also has an attitdude !
    Under Section 3, Clause 24, Item e. Of the Moderators Guidelines.
    "Possible problem makers should be identified early and monitored"
    Therefore I propose the full monitoring of TheYaks forum activities.

  14. I promise I'll be good! :grin: :)rofl:)
  15. This ride might be put on hold.
    It might be raining on Saturday.
    Lets see how the weather pans out.
  16. Forecast is fine for the weekend.
  17. We might postpone this ride for next weekend.

    Watch here for details.
  18. Ride postponed to next Saturday 21/7.

    There is a Honda Riders club ride this weekend, don't get confused with that one because they are going to the same place ! LOL
  19. i take it its not happenning coz of weather?
  20. Ride is postponed. TBC