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[NSW] Bikers Australia Toy Run, Sun Dec 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Donkey


    Sydney toy run is on again come along and help support the salvos at this time of year.

    There is no minimum requirement of skill level bike style or age, gender, race, or any other sub group to come along so...

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  2. I am totally there, so Donkey we'll leave from yours?
  3. Sames. Donk, by then I will be living a mere 5mins away....so I will meet up at yours.
  4. Yeah Scrambles Ktulu said you were moving on Sunday, which suburb are you moving to? Oh and do you need more hands on Sunday, I don't think I have anything on till 1pm?
  5. Whats up with this board??

    Does no-one on here feel like kicking in at christmas time?

    Bunch of lazy lazy people, this is a piss poor effort.

    Once again, EVERYONE IS WELCOME,

    Even harley riders are allowed to come.
  6. No they're not. You lie Donkey-man.
  7. Let's do it!

    Good morning Chris you drunken bastard.
  9. Good morning Campbell, you [mildly insulting term of questionable parentage]!

    Drunken? I didn't have anything last night... unless Amy spiked the apple juice :shock:
  10. You of all men should be well aware that one does not need to be drunk at present to actually BE a drunk....plus you smell.
  11. That "smell" was my cologne.
    You have confused cologne with alcohol...

    ... which either means you are drinking some VERY expensive stuff OR you are splashing some VERY cheap piss on your neck before you go out on the town :p
  12. I refuse to let this perfectly good thread decend into a flame war between a juiced-up squirrel and a drunken pirate.

  13. #15 Ktulu, Dec 7, 2006
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  14. ROFLLMFAOXXRD!!!1111
  15. _____________________________________________________________
    I'll be there just hoping to win some toys at the local RSL toy raffle
    Just look for the loud GS500 with a monster faring and hopefully alot of toys
  16. The toy run was a great success, there were well over 200 bikes there to donate toys and food to the salvo's,

    I would however like to voice my dissapointment bordering on anger at the piss poor effort made by you guys, i made it there after 4 hours of sleep and no breakfast so you guys have no excuse.
  17. Well I was there and have to say I was disappointed with the turn out compared to last year if there were 200 this year there were 400 last year but worse then that was how many people turned up with no toys or any sought of gift that was piss poor as far as I'm concerned the event is to aid underprevilaged kids and to give motorcyclist a good name especially for the 1%'s its not just a ride/get together if they want that go for a ride elsewhere and don't jump on the bandwagon of those who are doing the right thing for motorcycling and helping the kiddes, bask in some else's reflected glory, anyway thats my gripe for the day.
  18. thanks for makin the effort luke.