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[NSW] Bike Stalls During Police Chase

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hackavatar, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Alright, who got done? :p

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  2. lol - funny stuff.. good thing he had the gopro running :)
  3. thats fcuking hilarious.
  4. K ick
    T en
    M inutes
  5. See that big smile on the cop's face at 1:15 : )
    This guy must have been wetting himself when he couldn't get his bike started.
  6. He'll get a lighter sentence, since he pulled over and gave himself up.... :whistle:
  7. douchebag deserves what he got.

    If they have to come after you, you better believe they are carrying a whole can'o'whoopass.
  8. haha what an absolute knobhead. I love that it never occurred to him to get off the bike, even when they're running up to him. Probably could've hopped a fence or something
  9. Can't view from Tapatalk
  10. Glad they got the douche bag.
  11. just stupid and dangerous, if your going to be stupid do it where the only person you will hurt is yourself, all the same if a kid ran out on the road
  12. Douchebag. They were very gentle with him. Hope he loses his ass-cherry in jail.
  13. Please, tell us more about your secret fantasies.
  14. Am i guessing correctly, that not only did he act like an asshole, he then uploaded himself to the internet also?
  15. Not sure if its the exact same vid as op, but this one works for me and seems related lol...

  16. Seemed to me the first cop was being fairly good natured about it. It didn't get rough until the second knuckle dragger showed up.

    I'm also a little concerned he didn't get an answere when he was asked what he was being arrested for, just before they threw him on the ground.
  17. At least he wasn't tasered to death.
  18. Not really. They would get an id on him from the rego.
  19. If it was registered yes. Probably wasn't stolen or he'd have abandoned it in a heartbeat. When he 1st stalled to when you hear the police car screech to a halt seemed a while, he possibly could have tried to hide in a driveway if he didn't want to leave the bike

    Trailbikes being chased by the police was common in sydney when i grew up and good sport for both parties, Now i'd say it's a whole lot of trouble for the rider.
  20. In SA where I grew up I used to drive the farm ute to the shops from when I was 7. Local cop didnt mind, but kept an eye on me to make sure I was ok (and so were others lol). Town of less than 250 people at that time lol.
    These days the fallout from doing that would make international news after someone caught me on camera and uploaded it to YouTube I'm sure.