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[NSW] Bike inspections and Trailer hire

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by GnomeOomps, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have done a search on motorbike inspections both here and google but have only come up with some fairly erratic information.
    I am trying to find a good inspection service that can check a motorbike in Wollongong. I live on Sydney's northern beaches so I would require the provider to go onsite and provide an assesment.
    Seeing as though this will be my first motorbike I would require them to list in detail anything that would require replacing or fixing and how it is in its present condition.
    And seeing as though I have never used this kind of service before, should I organise to be onsite at the same time as the inspector to make sure they do the work?

    The alternative is that I take the bike to a motorbike mechanic in the area and have them check it, but I am guessing that I would need to try and book in around their time during the day whereas I might be able to find a service afterhours with an onsite inspection. (Won't know until I ask I guess)
    This is more pre-emptive to what the sellers availablity is in reality.

    The other question is on hiring a motorbike trailer, has anyone hired a trailer from Kennards before? From the look of it I can hire one for 24 hours for $64 which isnt too bad but do they slap you with any hidden charges? And if I can hire it close to Wollongong do they allow you to drop it off at another Kennards hire without a charge?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. no hidden charges except a bond which u get back, and there will be a extra charge if dropping trailer off at another kennards

    why wouldnt u ride it back?
  3. OK, thanks Goz!

    The main reason why I don't want to ride it back is because it is roughly a 2 hr trip. I had my learners expire earlier this year so I had to redo the learners tests again last week.
    In the time that I had my L's I have only been on roads about 4 times using my mates dodgy suzuki across which had no front fork oil due to a broken seale. Hence why I was game taking it only on back roads.

    I am all for the diving into the deep end to learn to ride on the main roads and highways, thats how I learnt to drive a manual car on my l's but dont want to feck up my first bike because I didnt take the time to pratice my traffic riding etc.

    Sorry for the long reply, lol!
  4. Find someone on netrider to ride it back for u :)
  5. What bike is it??

    Live at Brookvale if you want to borrow a 7 x 4 high sided traler with set of ratchet tie downs, heap of ropes and a ramp

    Not on here that much, so call 0412 949 273

    Cheers Alex
  6. I can't do that! Knowing that two other guys mounted my new love before me is hard enough, having to look the next guy in the eyes as he drops it off would just sicken me! :wink:

    Thanks for that mate! The high side trailer doesnt have any rails in the base for tyres does it? I still might take you up on the offer though! I figure it would be easier to get the bike loaded and stable in a trailer designed for motorbikes.

    The bike I am looking at is a 2007 Suzuki GS500E.

    So I am guessing that no one has had a good experience with an inspection service? Would I be best then to organise a mechanic to look at it at their workshop?
  7. Newish bikes are pretty rare to have something wrong with them. And also be fairly hard for a quick inspecting to pick up

    If it aint blowing smoke, sounds OK, has been serviced regularly and looks like it hasn't had a hard life, am sure you'll be fine

    You can push the front wheel into a corner of the trailer,k and softly compress the springs - well that's how I've moved my Husky a few times - take someone who knows what they're doing, or even better someone to ride it back
  8. message hornet (paul) and ask him, surely he knows someone in the gong that could help u out with inspection
  9. Hey mate I got Paul from Motorcycleinspectionservices.com.au to check out a bike for me before I bought it. Good bloke and he knows his stuff. Also provides you with a comprehensive report going over every detail of the bike. I met him there and he talked me through it but I'm pretty sure you don't need to be there on the day.

    It's not that cheap but after buying a lemon before was well worth it to save hassles and for peace of mind. Good luck!