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NSW - Bike and Scooter Strategy - Survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Done. Everyone should do it - pass the link to friends.
  2. Done. All NSW residents should do this survey and show that we are a broad and diverse group.
  3. Done 8-[ :moped:
  4. Done...wonder if they'll do anything about parking, driver awareness, tolls and...*cough* rainy days ? :rofl:
  5. Edited first post :oops:
  6. C'mon Sydney riders! :? Just think, for Christmas we might get free parking and toll reductions!? :eek:
  7. Done and it only took a minutes. DO IT.
  8. Done. And I dont even live in Sydney! I just think it's dumb how you can park on the footpath in Melbourne but you'll get fined for it in Sydney (or Canberra).
  9. Done!

    Fingers crossed for free parking and tolls :)
  10. Done, would've been great to have while I lived and rode up there.
  11. Done. I asked them to arrange it so it will only rain at night if at all and so that we have nice, warm but not too warm days for riding 365 days/year. Oh yes, and more parking :)
  12. Hey this survey is shorter than I thought.
    +1 with the reduced toll, not sure about the free parking though as there are more n more scooters in the city.