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[NSW] Big Up's to Castle Hill Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pete the freak, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd share my positive experience with these guys...

    I've got this Hyosung (shaddup Loz!) GV650 that's been having trouble with it's battery/charging circuit. Basically, 90% of the time it'll start and run fine, but then 10% of the time it either won't start or if it did start the battery would die soon after. Mostly I was okay with it until the 10% of the time started happening in far away, expensive to get back from places.

    I did a few diagnostic tests on the charging circuit (thank god for service manuals and the internet), and couldn't find anything wrong. I even went as far a buying a whole new battery as I thought that maybe the battery just wasn't holding charge. Over the last couple of months I've taken back to the place of purchase to get it looked at under warranty about 3 times now. Each time I've either been told that there was nothing wrong with it, or that they'd fixed it.

    I came to the conclusion that the guys at the aforementioned motorcycle place were just doing the same diagnostic tests as I had already done then forgetting about it.

    Time for Castle Hill Motorcycles. Gave them a call (spoke to Michael) and told him my sob story. He said that even though they're getting out of the Hyosung business (due to too many delaers, no problems with product at all apparently), he'll have a look at mine anyway. Took it in two saturdays ago, and we ran through the tests together while I dropped it off. Found the same results, but Michael said, "Look, the test says there's nothing wrong with it, btu if you say there's something wrong, I'll have a good look at it for you..."

    Week and a half later I get a call from him. "Yeah it's Michael, look, we've fiddled with your bike all last week and could find no problems at all (Here we go I'm thinking to myself), but then yesterday I decided to take it out for an extended run. ABout half an hour into it, the problem you described started happening (praise be to Jebus says I with relief, it's a real problem, I didn't just make it up seeking attention!!), so we took it back to the shop and fixed it. Come get it whenever..."

    Best news I've gotten so far this year.

    Turns out it wasn't exactly the charging circuit that was buggering up, thats' why none of the tests showed it up. Apparently there was moisture getting into the rear spark plug which was then causing a short which then screwed with the charging circuit. All it took was someone who knows their shit having a good look at it.

    Oh, and he fixed my oil leak with a new gasket as well (which had 'apparently' already been done by the other shop), which I didn't even ask him to do.

    Michael and the guys at Castle Hill Motorcycles, you're champs. Kings among men. Thank you.

    Central Coast Motorcycles... What can I say? You've lost me.
  2. Good news Pete, weird arse fault. How was the water getting in? Was it a loose hood or sumfink?

    jeez have you seen the new "orange" GV650? mmmm Trendkiller in orange :shock: :grin:
  3. In all honesty, in my excitement at having a working bike again, I completely forgot to ask. Will ring him one day and ask...

    Seen a picture of it, not too sure sure about the colour, orange works on a Z1000, not sure about the Hyosung though. Think I'll stick with my "Very Manly Sky Blue" thanks...
  4. Baby Blue to match your eyes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I am seriously thinking of a GV650 as my next bike, I have been working on my bike and they are a pretty simple bike to work on. Yep the blue does look pretty cool, not pretty pretty though :LOL:

    Have you had the valve guides checked out at all?
  5. Mick is a top bloke. Wouldn't take my bike anywhere else. In fact, it is in his shop right now....