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[NSW] Best riding roads around Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by uzz32, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Anyone knows where the best riding roads are around sydney.

    Not in any order.

    1) Putty road Windsor to Singleton and back.
    2) Royal National Park
    3) Bells line of road
    4) Kangaroo valley/Robertson
    5) Mt white
    6) Road to Wisemen Ferry

    Please add to the list.
  2. Wisemans ferry to Mangrove mountain via Spencer
    Maquarie pass (roberson to Albian park rail)
    Jaberroo Mt road (Pass south of Maquarie pass (Roberson to Jaberoo))

    Note: the last two can be connected via jamberoo road for a good round trip and done either way
  3. The old Pacific Highway is great. Has a biker cafe en route as well.
  4. Olympic Park :p

    not exactly a road but is good for learners
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  7. Glitch, thats looks like the same road from the original Italian Job movie?
  8. Can't remember :? :? It's the Passo di Stelvio (Northern Italy) and the pic shows only the last few km up to the saddle, the total up and down the other side is 57km...and it's all like that.
    Then it's immediately followed by another pass, and another and another...it's so good, it's SICK :D :D
  9. Oh yeah! I'd tag along to that, getting lost, but tagging nonetheless
  10. Well I just did Jamberoo/ Robertson and Kangaroo valley yesterday, and it was amazing!

    The roads up Jamberoo / Robertson was a little greasy due to the rain from saturday, but fan-bloody-tastic.

    Very little traffic until you hit Barry.

    Had too much to eat at the pie in the sky shop, and made the trip back a little entertaining.

    PS :-Oh, personally the roads up there is not about speed, but enjoying myself and having fun.
  11. Okay, my scanner isn't working, and I'd also feel a little guilty breaking copyright laws on Peter Thoeming's stuff.

    The following is the list of Roads from NSW&VIC (if anyone else wants the lists for other states PM me).

    The book I've got it from is Hema Australia Motorcycle Atlas. A new version is due out later this year with a 100 rides in it. Version I got was $20 from QBD, with 50 rides marked. Also the maps are fairly good for rural australia. And best of all it's a damn small book that comes in a waterproof puch.

    Also if you need better directions than the ones I've given, holler. Too lazy to type more out.


    Alpine Way - 200 klicks from Cooma to Khancoban.
    Bells Line Road - 100 klicks, Richmond to Lithgow.
    Brown Mountain - 30 klicks Bombala to Bemboka.
    Clyde Mountain - 60 klicks Braidwood to Batemans bay.
    Gum Lake Road - 200 klicks Menindee to nowhere.
    Kangaroo valley - Robertson to Fitzroy falls to Berry.
    The Lions Road - Turns off Summerland way, about halfway between Kyogle and Woodenbong.
    Macquarie Pass - Albion Park.
    Mt Imlay Road - 60 klicks, Great Dividing Range to the sea.
    Old Pacific Highway - duh :)
    Oxley Highly -
    Putty Road - another duh.
    Wee Jasper Road - 120 klicks Yass to Tumut.


    Barry Way - Melbourne to Sydney. Lots of dirt.
    Calder Detour - Castlemain Turnoff near Elphinestone.
    Grand Ridge Road -
    Great Alpine Road - (yet another duh)
    Great Ocean Road - (an even bigger duh)
    Mansfield to Whitfield - 62 klicks.
    Murray River Road
    Redbank Road
    Reefton Spur
    Wilsons Promotory - Meeniyan to tidal river.
  12. I went to Jenolan Caves on the weekend in the cage and couldn't help but notice the corners! Turning left off the GWH after Hartley towards the caves takes you onto a crazy road with ever-increasing CURVES, ending in a tight stretch all the way down to the caves. The last several kms are scary - just wider than one lane across, rock face on one side and a plummet to death on the other.

    Not for the faint hearted, or a learner rider (such as me).
  13. That was a favourite run of mine when I lived in the Blue Mountains. Except rather than go all the way to the caves I would take the Oberon turn off and then head up to Bathurst and then to Lithgow and either go up Victoria Pass, mmmm drool, or go through the town of Lithgow and start up Bells line back to Glenbrook again. Always fun.
  14. that little atlas- does it tell you EXACTLY how to get there, in detail, so that you won't need a street directly at all? if it does then i'll definitely get one!
  15. Yes, I've done the same...in a car. I've been meaning to do it on two wheels ever since - thanks for the reminder.

    I wouldn't really bother running down to the caves unless you were interested in the obvious attraction or the traffic is _very_ quiet. It's barely even worth heading down for the, less than stellar, food. Have things improved since '03?
  17. Sure, for the purposes of getting from A to B, but it's not a detailed Gregory's for the entire country. Several of the 'rides' come through here but it doesn't have a detailed map of Cooma or Jindabyne. :) That said, there are some local maps eg. the Canberra CBD

    Just pick it up - you won't be sorry. :wink:
  18. The Waterfall Way up to and around Dorrigo is a cracker - come to think of it, most roads up the hills around Coffs Harbour are fan-bloody-tastic if you happen to be up there. Well worth the detour.
  19. It has a complete range of Cartoscope/Hema maps at the back of the books which are more than satisfactory to get from A to B. The suggested routes are also highlighted and numbered. I've got the Australian and New Zealand versions of the books and recommend them although they dont contain all the great roads so better to use them as a guide and then explore further yourself.