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[NSW] Berowra to Windsor Ride, Thu Aug 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Toecutter

    Am planning a ride from Berowra Mobil to Windsor this Thursday - forming up from 9.30 and leaving at 9.45am.

    This will be a fairly easy paced ride, we seem to have a few who are keen and will be paced so that learners can keep up, mostly 80kmh secti...

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  2. Thanks Forum Bot for the prompt posting.

    So who's in?

    Just recieved word from 'up high' that I may be needed at work that day.

    Whaddya reckon, tell them to stick it?
  4. So long as my bike is ready by then I'm in!
  5. Pending weather ( which looks good ) Im in for the ride but I might have ta leave you early to be back in time for work at one in collaroy. Paul
  6. lol. methinks that it was hillarious that i started a thread which more or less got move, hi-jacked, closed then moved again - all with me posting not more than twice! hahah, its all good, im glad someone devised a plan because im rather lazy and probably would have ended up riding by myself on thursday anyway.

    well, im definately in, wednesday im buying a tinted visor so come thursday i will be there with my shiny but shitty black zx2r minus the L plate due to weight restrictions as forementioned by Scrambles....

    im looking forward to picking up some skills of some more experienced riders, so hopefully i can keep up.

    ive got the whole day off. Can someone help me think where the hell is the Berowa Mobile???? what road???

    how does this work. do i have to put a tie around my mirror so you guys know who i am?

    (f**k i'm kidding, but i am a nervous about meeting new people. Thats why im a geek who uses the internet. I hope i dont turn up and find out there is nothing but a big white panel van and a bunch of c***s hiding behind a tree waiting to steal my kawasaki. western suburbs can be dangerous you know. im kidding again.)
  7. :rofl: :rofl:

    But seriously we/they are all good guys. F&(%&ing shame I can't come now.
    Don't forget to fill out your profile....so the real guys in the van can come by....
  8. Sorry guys. Thursday, a day I need to work to earn some petrol money for the weekend rides.
  9. There is a link on the Calendar page but map ain't too flash


    Try whereis

    Berowra is less than ten minutes north from Hornsby on the Pacific Hwy

    So where are you coming from?? If you can get to the Harbour Bridge go all the way on the expressway and take the Hornsby/Pacific Hwy exit
  10. Was intrigued by a TL1000R - nice bike :cool:


    So what is wrong with the bike??
  11. I'm in.
    I love the idea of the tie and the wing mirror.
    How do we get from Berowra to Windsor?
  12. The long way, via Old Road, Peats Ridge and turn left at Central Mangrove via Spencer and Wisemans Ferry.

    Look forward to catching up again
  13. I'd love to, I'm looking at picking up a new front tire since the front tire is getting low...

    I'll let you all know whether I can make it.

    I should be able to, but I'll have to evaluate it properly during the day.
  14. Small oil leak from badly plugged (not by me) engine cover, and needs general service and odd stuffs... just hope all is done so I can join the cruise - would be perfect... which makes me think it won't be ready :roll:
  15. Any dissention to a cruiser boy from Newcastle turning up? Haven't been on a ride for a while and have to do two 12 hour dayshifts this weekend so I'm keen for a mid week ride. Will come down & meet you guys, do Windsor then head home via the Putty. Should be ready for my 12K service then.
  16. None whatsoever - that will be a decent ride for you for the day.
  17. The best way i found if coming from the south or west Or lower north shore is.

    Find the way to the START of the F3 freeway that heads to "newcastle" ,and GET ON IT .

    Take the "FIRST turn off" then LEFT at the top of the off ramp ,and follow that road for 2 minutes brings you out the other side of hornsby.

    Turn RIGHT on to the pacific hwy and 5 minutes up the road is the mobile servo.

    No traffic or lights saves 15 minutes on open roads.
  18. Thanks Sled

    The road that joins the F3 is Pennant Hills Road or turn off the Pacifc Hwy at Wahroongah onto the F3- which at that time of the day should save some time bypassing Hornsby.

    The Berowra turn off is well marked off the freeway and then as Sled has said.
  19. Androo posted recently "hit some crazy bumps on the old northern rd heading sth from wisemans ferry... low-sided around 80km/h on a left hander "

    Does anyone know where these are so we can get off and walk around them?
  20. Hey toe which way ya going from harboard. Im in allambie so if ya going up allambie rd I will meet ya at the first servo near the two round abouts. If your leaving 8.45 how bout 8.50 there. What ya think let me know so we can work it out. Paul