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[NSW] Berowra To Lake Macquarie, Sat Apr 29th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Meet Berowra MOBIL 9.30AM (fuel up)
    Depart Berowra 10AM

    Old Pacific Highway to roundabout at wisemans ferry rd.
    turn right then left to slip ramp to Sydney to Newcastle Freeway (110kph).
    Take mandalong rd (morriset) turn off
    Destination the pub ...

    ... more

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  2. ok guys please make sure you read this.
    Berowra To Lake Macquarie Saturday 29th April

    Meet Berowra MoBIL 9.30AM (fuel up)
    Depart Berowra 10AM

    Because we will be going on the F3 freeway (110kph) i cant reccomend that this is a ride for restricted riders. ( (L) (P) ) now if you do wish to come, please understand that i dont want to be TED (Tail End Dante) on the freeway at 80kph so if you are on your L's it would be best if you have had previous road experience in a Car, or have had at least been on several rides with us before.

    Old Pacific Highway to roundabout at wisemans ferry rd.
    turn right then left to slip ramp to Sydney to Newcastle Freeway.
    Take mandalong rd (morriset) turn off
    Destination the pub corner station st & dora St

    We will Meet Up with some of the N.S.W. Newcastle Mortorcycle Riders For Lunch
    So if you are from Newcaslte and want to meet us Sydney Siders & others from your own area Come along and meet us their on the day. I expect to be there between 12 and 12.30pm

    Sign Up Sheet

    If your Coming from Newcastle Gosford Wyong woy woy or wyee and want to meet us there see this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19108
  3. Hey Dante, is the plan to meet up with the Newcastle riders for lunch or afternoon tea, or something?
  4. ya dats the plan. lunch with the newy folks. typhoon should be comeing i would think
  5. hornet you going to come on this 1 ? its 100km from headlands to hornsby and berowra is just up the road a bit on the freeway (im sure you know.)
  6. At the very least I will be there. I've created an event for the Newcastle guys, so we'll see what happens eh!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I'll be in this one, love the Morisset area.
  8. A suggestion if you don't wanna sit on the freeway, still get on at Gosford but take the Tuggerah/Wyong (one after ourimbah) interchange. You can then head up the Hue Hue, it's a much nicer ride and is 90kph so learner friendly, while not a "bike road" it's a lot more interesting then squaring the tyres on the freeway for 50minutes. Also will only take an extra 10 minutes or so.
    If you want directions I can post but it's pretty easy
  9. yeah going up via bugiwoi / san remo way considered it. to be honest i think id rather be doing (110) than stoping at lights and round da bouts

    see the other thread if you want to meet us for lunch mate
  10. Nope that's a different way again. This way turn off at tuggerah - left, couple of k's - T intersection - turn right - 400m turn left up the hue hue. Continue for a good 10km to wyee. Reach another T - turn left. Nother 5km, reach a roundabout at morisset where you turn right again. That's it. The one roundabout and one set of lights at Morisset. Easy peezy and much more leisurely.
  11. ah ok, well maybe we'll see what we'll do, see ya at lunch
  12. Yeah, you bet, Dante, but please, let's avoid the super-slab, any way other than the boring F3.

    And yeah, that's just a short ride for me :LOL:
  13. Damn, can't go on Saturday, supposed to be talking a few people into dropping off a cliff top.
  14. Can you drop one off at my place?
  15. What boddies? :eek:

    I should explain better - I'm supposed to take a few friends on an abseil trip, and one of them is quite nervous about the exposure. 1 part has a lovely little cliff edge walk follwed by an abseil down a narrow slot. I suppose if you slip you might fall about 20 meters . . . then bounce a further 100 - 150meters :? :p :shock:
  16. Got to agree with Saz, his option is much better that the freeway, it's a nice road too from what I remember.
  17. Got to agree with Saz, his option is much better that the freeway, it's a nice road too from what I remember.

    Marvin/Greg - Talking people into dropping off a cliff top
    i.e. making a delivery :wink:
  18. I rode Saz's route recently, and I've travelled it hundreds of times; definitely the go. The only worry is dozy local motorists, especially as we're going on a Saturday and for lots of them that's the Sabbath!!!

    But it is a good route, brings us out on the west side of Lake Macquarie at Toronto, from there we can circle the northern shore to Boolaroo, then down through Warner's Bay, and back to Swansea and back down the highway if time is pressing......
  19. well we could, we could also go out via central mangrove and back around then left on the huehue havig our wheels never touch the freeway.
  20. am keeping an eye on the weather, am going to ride up regardless. i dont have wet weather gear LOL!