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[NSW] Bells Line of Road 7th May 2011

Discussion in 'NSW' started by DrewMan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Meet at BP/Hungry Jacks Richmond Rd x Stone St Dean Park 8:30am for a 9:00am departure.


    Follow Richmond Road down to Richmond where we will get onto the Bells Line of Road and follow it all the way to Lithgow where we will stop at McDonalds for a break and fill up. Then take the GWH all the way to Bathurst for a few laps of the Mt Panorama.

    Bells Line of Road has a few twisty bits so please dont ruin your day by having an off!

    We can then grab some (world famous) Annie's Ice Cream and take the GWH or go back through Bells depending on how people feel.

    Please note that on a regular day, the track has a 60km/h speed limit so dont go trying to set a new PB.
  2. What bike shall you be riding Mr Drew?
  3. I'll come for run around the mount, it's only up the road!! Lol
  4. full licence eh Drew, 1000 time
  5. Sounds like awesome fun. I did bells line a few weeks ago and went from Litghgow to Bathurst via Tarana rather than using the highway. It's a much more entertaining road.

    I might be up for another run.
  6. My new bike!

  7. Sounds good! hopefully the rain will stop by then!!!
  8. Got to be carfull as the fuzz will be out in force with the Royal show being on this weekend.

    Im going on Sunday haha.. And I dont have a bike or licence to meet you on the Saturday :(

    Have fun but...
  9. Have fun guys. Hope you get good weather.