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NSW: Bathurst to Goulburn

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by RacingTurtles, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Did you know it is possible to travel between these two? I didn't. Or rather, I knew it was possible in theory, but I assumed the minor roads between them were mostly unsealed, thus suitable mainly for adventure bikes.

    I think this must've been the case until fairly recently, but no longer! The road is now almost entirely sealed. In fact, a lot of it looks fairly new and is in decent shape. (Actually I only covered the part from Oberon through Taralga on to Goulburn, but I think the leg between Bathurst and Oberon can be taken for granted).

    There are only two stretches left of unsealed surface, one could be a kilometer or so, the other is five kms long. Neither was any more difficult to manage than some of the supposedly 'sealed' roads you can encounter out in the country. The road is varied. Apart from those two unsealed sections there are some relatively straight sections with good surface where you could open up without too much fear, some fairly usual mildly bendy stuff and one very steep and narrow section almost like a shorter (and narrower!) version of Macquarie Pass.

    On this lovely, sunny Saturday I had this road mostly to myself; only a few cars and not a single bike in sight through the entire 120kms or so.

    I'm pleased with this discovery; not only is it a fairly pleasant road in its own right, but it makes a nice day trip: a loop from Sydney to Blue Mountains, through Oberon to Goulburn and back to Sydney, possibly taking in Macquarie Pass as well - it works out to around 500-550 kms, depending on the exact route.
  2. Good intel mate !

    Might be a future ride route.
  3. Thanks for the info

    Thanks for the info. I live in Bathurst and have wanted to see what the road between Bathurst and Crookwell was like, but now I think I'll try the Oberon Goulburn route instead, particularly as it seems there is less gravel on the Oberon Goulburn Road.
  4. Thanks very much, was tempted but unsure before now to try this route.
  5. the pleasure was all mine ;)
  6. So mate when you're gonna get around to sealing those last couple of kilometers then?
  7. I GET payed for it, I dont PAY for it :LOL:
    Bathurst Regional Council
    Oberon Council
    Upper Lachlan Shire Council
    Nag the above councils, I am always more than happy to design and then produce a good piece of road :grin:
  8. Thanks for that...I am heading down that way late Jan 08 for the ride of my life and might take a peak at this road. I'll have come from Townsville via what we call the inland road... Clermont Emerald Moree and Coona being my head off point going to Mossvale after hanging around Blayney and Neville for a day or two. Can't work out whether I'll go the full east coast yet. See how I go. One bite of the elephant at time!!
  9. cheers for the heads up.... maybe will be travelling that road in Jan 2008 Goulburn to Bathurst :grin: (time allowing!)
  10. Excellent heads up cb250, how long did it take you to travel from point to point, it might be a better way to get to Bathurst from Cantberra.
  11. It's something like 145kms from Goulburn to Oberon, then add another 47 kms from Oberon to Bathurst. It took me probably close to 3 hours to cover the bit from Oberon to Goulburn, but my cb250 is not exactly a high speed missile and I was not in any hurry anyway. I'm sure this road could be done A LOT faster than that.

    I don't know how it would compare to the route you use, all I can say is the best part is there's hardly any traffic and I wouldn't expect much of police presence either.