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[NSW] Bathurst ride, Sat Dec 16th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Peter Snape

    Date - December 16th
    Meeting Point - North Richmond BP at 9.30am (leave at 9.45pm)

    Take Bells Line to Lithgow
    Lithgow to Oberon
    Oberon to O'Connel for Lunch then Bathurst for Fuel
    Bathurst back to Lithgow through Tarana
    Lithgow home back along ...

    ... more

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  2. I'll come if you promise not to pass me round the outside of the corners on your motard :LOL:

    Seriously, Snapey, any dirt on this ride or is it all tar???
  3. giddy up !!!

    I'm there !!!

    Snapey, Tim and Phil . . . .. this I have to see ! I've heard stories ! :p
  4. There wasn't much TO see, it was all over in two corners :LOL:
  5. my birthday next day , if someone pillioned me ill come
  6. No dirt on this one Paul but if you specially request it I can take you there on the way back. :)

    For those who don't know where the meeting point is ... it's a large BP servo on the Bells Line of Road, roughly 150 metres on the left after crossing the Hawkesbury River at Richmond.

    The round trip from North Richmond and back is roughly 300kms.

  7. Round 2 eh? this time I have the home ground advantage. I can see a few hot laps of the mountain in our future...

  8. I'm a maybe since it is a saturday :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Cheers Lou
  9. Now does this mean we are teaming up with Oroadsports????? :cool:
  10. g'day guys' if i'm not busy, i may just head along, i notices some of the 1400 boys where heading up (can't rember where i saw it) so i might just tag a long for a chat... out of interest, what sort of speeds do you blokes get along at.. i've only got 4 points on my p's so i have to behave for the next two months... :cry:
  11. Speed won't be an issue. There are guys who ride at a fairly brisk pace, others at the speed limit or lower. All I ask is that you ride at a pace you're comfortable with. The last thing we need is an inexperienced rider binning it because of trying to keep up with the rider ahead, or going beyond their comfort zone trying to stay ahead of the one behind. There will be plenty of stops to regroup, and WE WILL WAIT.

    Come along and enjoy the ride.
  12. yeah thats fine, i ride with a local group up on the coast here with no probs, i'm happy to sit on the limit... but like i say my current situation means if i get booked my lic is gone for a bit, i flaunt the 90km rule as it is BS. I'm about 25 and have a gold licence and i've just done about 30,000 km on the bike this year, i have done the putty, bells, sacksville, buckets, thunderbolts, glass house mountains, mount pleasent, blah, blah, blah (the thunderbolts in the very heav morning fog, 20M vis, going back this july the revisit that one in the dry :twisted: )

    So i'm not to worried about the road, at the end of the day i set the speed i travel at but when riding with a new group of people, it nice to get a feel for what sort of riders make up the pack....

    Anyway time will tell, the bikes for sale so i hope i still have it come the 16th :) :)
  13. Bugga
    I would love to go I absolutely LURRVE those roads out there, but got a party to go to..... Enjoy the nice new tar out Tarana way guys.......

    And be sure to have another ride soon?? what about the weekend before Christmas????

    I'm absolutely free that weekend!

  14. whos pillion me
  15. Sounds sweet.... Love the Bells line of rd!!!
  16. pulling out . . .

    . . . . too busy !
  17. :shock: Where did that V come from :?: you haven't passed the initiation yet :p
  18. If the weather holds to current conditions and forecasts will this ride still be on?
  19. I'll be there.