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NSW bans repairable write-offs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TAX123, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. NSW bans repairable write-offs

    so if a bike is insured for a low amount, and it gets a small crack on a fairing etc, the rta says its for the scap heap or crusher, this is a stupid stance, they (rta) should be blaming themselves for letting stat write offs be classed as repairable, its also up to the rta (blue slip) mechanic to check to see if repairs are done to make the vehicle safe, so thats where the problem sits. What if a bike doesnt have insurance and has heavy damage, and it sells or gets a bodge job, this system would not work. The only plus is it may stop bike theft as someone might use stolen bike to repair the smashed one they buy and sell.
  2. I think this is primerily to do with rebirthing. There's all kind of tricks that people do, this is a blanket way to reduce it. My mum used to be an insurance fraud investigator, I've heard alot of stories.

    Will this prevent the bikes being used as trackbikes? I'd assume that the ban would mean the bike once listed as written off can no longer apply for rego, or are they stopping the auctioning of the wrecks?
  3. Anyways what about if you have a repairable write off, and its now has done the blue slip and passed rego, what happens if you dont rego it for a few years, when you go and get a blue slip for it it will still have repairable write off as that never goes away fro the vehicle record, does it then go to the crusher?
  4. I'd say that it would get knocked back. I don't know about the crusher though.