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[NSW] Back to Group Riding Ride, Sat Jul 25th - postponed !

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Michael

    This is a beginners ride with a few old/regular NR guys and gals.

    Time - 0900
    Departure - McGraths Hill Maccas
    Destination - Wisemans Ferry

    Reason for the ride ?
    . . . its two years to the weekend where my life was almost taken away. :eek:


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  2. See you there Micky, 2 years have gone quickly :shock:
  3. As i said see you there mickey old mate will be great to see you back on the road :)
  4. Whats the route? Seems a bit short if its just to wisemans
  5. +1
  6. Up for it. We don't know each other but I've heard/read your story Micky, great to see you on two wheels :).
  7. If you don't mind complete strangers coming along, sign me up! I should have my new bike by then and I'll need to exercise it. :D
  8. good to see ya back Micky....................make it a sunday and I can come!!! (I have just had carpal tunnel surgey on both wrists so it might be ambitious in July anyway :( )

    maybe another time!!
  9. ive been on NR for over ayear and have heard bout you - im in! :grin:
  10. Hihihi... love it :grin: I'm off to holidays the next day (as I was 2 years back), but i should be be able to join. Ms thought.. too many suitcases to pack, so i'm not sure if she will make it :p
  11. Hey Micky good to see you back on two wheels mate :cool: ........might try and make it myself if I can... :grin:
  12. Is this ride still on?
  13. Love to Mickey but I have my daughter this weekend... Have a good time mate.
  14. sorry guys, had to postpone it . . . i was hoping to get the bike ready by the end of the week. But unfortunately it delayed.

    Will do if for another weekend.
  15. Weather looks good so I'll be there to meet some of you guys and wiso's a good quick ride :)
  16. read the post mate, its postponed
  17. Thanks mate , going for a ride anyway and maccas Mcgraths Hill for brecky and a run to Wiso will do , have to take advantage of the weather :cool:
  18. Hey guys! How is everyone!