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[nsw] Average (point to point) speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mr Messy, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Sigh, its come up again about using the average speed camera system for trucks on all vehicles (and very likely expanding it further).


  2. RTA should take a leave out of the VicRoads book.
    Yep we had them here and have been switched off due to issues with their accuracy.
  3. Fantastic idea turn eff off and destory them though this is the RTA so it probably wont happen.
  4. Well Libs will get in at the election so I can't see this getting very far in it's present form.
  5. Governments of all types get blinded by the revenue and simply use stats that they reduce crashes as an excuse for the extra "tax".

    The time / distance cameras on the Hume (Vic) between Campellfield & Broadford have been switched off in the short term due to a couple of the individual cameras internal clocks getting out of sync enough to allow people not speeding to get done.

    If not for the recent state election they would've been turned on by now, I fully expect them to be back in full operation once the new government gets up to speed and needs more money to pay for thier big spending promises.
  6. There is still a bit of a difference between NSW and Vic. The RTA is trying to close that gap.
  7. The ones on the Hume aren't too bad, you just need to remember to stop for a burger along the way.
  8. Just farkin path the roads in cotton wool why dont yas? how about better driving education and training huh? or fixing the roads up? im sure those can improve road safety fair better.
  9. on the plus side - if they use the existing safe-t-cam units, bikes will be exempt ;)
  10. Only because bikes dont have forward facing plates.

    Make no mistake the government will want to use these cameras on every road user.