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[nsw] Avalon Rd / Bucketts Way - Nabiac -> Gloucester / Dungog (pac Hwy -> Putty Rd)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Zippah, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. 2 weeks ago I picked up my MS4 and rode down to syd from 'vegas. Took 2 days, because the bike was new to me, and over 20 years of riding tells me to be sensible on a new steed. It also gave me the opportunity to ride some of NSW's best roads… at least that was what I thought when I planned the trip south.

    Here's a road report:

    Buckett's Way
    Despite the 'roadworks project' only covering strips of bitumen, the majority of the road is SHITE.

    in particular nabiac -> krambach section 'avalon rd'. I can assure you, large wallows and the whole surface being patches on patches on old patches was the worst road riding experience I've had in over 10 years. (the former murwillumbah-kyogle rd beats this)

    from Krambach to gloucester, there are resurfaced sections that a soft sprung sports tourer would kick and wallow over, but not feel like someone was ramming a red hot poker up your arse. Unfortunately on the MS4, thats what it felt like. I used all my experience in places just to keep me in the saddle / feet on pegs. It was truly a memorable section of road, for all the wrong reasons.

    Gloucester -> Dungog, wasn't quite as bad but still not what you would call enjoyable. More of a relief that the road wasn't crap for the whole stretch. Patchy road is an understatement here.

    The section of road at Stroud isn't great, but it's doable - just knock 20 off the posted limit in the wet.

    Stroud Hill rd to dungog is not half bad, but get closer to the town and it turns to shite patch on old patch bitumen again, and it's like having a jackhammer on your tailbone.

    Sugarloaf and bingleburra rd get better and remind you that the putty is not too far away. The undulating surface on Glendonbrook rd / gresford rd to Singleton is relief but boring as batsh**.

    Heading south on Putty Rd I have to say the most memorable section was from Singleton to the burnt down halfway roadhouse. I stopped for a break and a chat. Good bbq tucker and nice and peaceful.

    the second section was ok but from the quarry to colo heights, trucks have started to have an effect an the choppiness was almost as bad as the patches at Gloucester.

    A Memorable ride for sure, but not likely to want to go for a run through there for some time.