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(NSW) "As you're on your provisional license, you will accrue an additional demerit point."

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. So, riding to work today up the M2 I got pinged by Mr. Plod. Pulled me over and we had a chat about my speed. As it turned out, I was travelling at the obscene speed of 91km/h in an 80 zone, and I was to be fined.

    Fair cop. I was breaking the rules and I'm very happy to do the time, as it were. If you're a P plater in NSW though, I advise you to read on.

    As Mr. Plod was explaining the finer points of my infringment notice, he mentioned to me that I would be awarded (yes, he said that) four demerit points. I stopped him and asked why that was, as to the best of my knowledge, the over 10km/h under 20km/h bracket was a three demerit point offense. He conceeded that it was, however "as you're on your provisional license, you will accrue an additional demerit point."

    Now I understand that it's not the police making these rules, but excuse me, why is my license class relevant to the punishment I'm recieving? More questionably, as I have my full car license, by extension are they saying that it's less of an offence for me to speed in the car? I just don't understand.

    I'm not sure how well known this is, but I'm going to hedge a bet that its not a widely known fact. I try and keep on top of hte every changing road rules around here and I certainly didn't know about this. I did enquire of Mr. Plod if this added bonus extended to all traffic infringments, or just speeding. He said that to the best of his knowledge, it was only speeding, but knowing the RTA I'd say it will be for anything you can think of.

    tl;dr - Provisional riders, when making mental calculations on how many points you have left, remember to factor in a bonus point for all offences. It's the RTA's special gift to you, just for being you.

    Edit: As it turns out, the way Mr. Plod described the situation to me was, err, somewhat inaccurate. As several here have pointed out, its less of a case of an additional demerit point and more a case of the minimum penalty for L and P drivers/riders being four demerit points for speeding offenses. Thanks for the input guys, I'll keep y'all posted on my cunning plan.
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  3. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/penalties/demeritpoints/index.html

  4. Actually the link I provided said:

    Does that mean a license suspension too? Run a red light... that is just a fine and dems - do 5km/hr over though and there goes your license...
  5. You actually get 4 pts for <10km over as well.

  6. So does this extend to your car license? surely NOT!!!
  7. All probationary licenses in NSW accrue double demerits on any offence in any vehicle, it's been like that for a while.
  8. In Vic it does, but we don't have those sort of restrictions.

    Only difference for us is that on bike Ls, both licenses have 5 points.
  9. Double demerits would be six points though Smee.

    This is god damned confusing, and incomprehensibly balls. Like I said, I'm happy to pay the fines and cop the punishment, but this is quite unreasonable IMHO.
  10. 4 demerit points for 14% over the speed limit? What a crock!

    That's what I like about Sydney, it makes me feel slightly better about living in Melbourne. :p
  11. This is one of the main complaints I had about the Vic GLS proposal, in that it doesn't recognise a license from another class. It's a crock. A novice on full probation is different from a novice with a fully qualified license and road experience.
  12. Yeah but Rob, we have ridiculous fines...
  13. And we also don't have double demerits/fines. For some reason I thought at some point VIC had this but the friendly cop on the GOR road advised us that VIC has never had it.
  14. This came in so that any P plater caught speeding automatically loses their license for any speeding offence. A great dissentive from P platers speeding however only kind of works if P platers know about the rule as it appears they don't now.
  15. Some p platers do and some don't know the proper rules but when you have the need for speed well that's just that and rules don't mean nothing to them then.
  16. What the?!? You can't tell me that they want to treat me with years of driving experience the same as an 18yo who jumps on the bike and roads for the first time...
  17. Its been this way for a long while and us youth are well aware of it. But young drivers and riders dont exactly have a credible voice to protest given the negative stigma.

    Its funny when someone a little older gets pinged by it and only then realises how ridiculous the idea is. (Making new drivers spend more time looking at the speedo than the road)
  18. Bad luck mate, I guess you'll not be riding for a while then? That totally sucks.

    I never realised that even a minor infringement on your P's for speed would have ended up with a loss of my rider license. Seems completely unreasonable to me, considering that most people driv around bang on the speed limit, or a few K's over, and drive right up your arse if you're not doing the same thing.

    Its complicated.

    Your license is a single entity, which is endorsed to allow you to operate different vehicles. Points are accrued depending on what vehicle you were operating at the time, with a maximum total of 12.

    So, you can rack up 11 points while driving the car, and still operate your motorcycle with your provisional endorsement. But if you get that extra point either on the bike or the car, you may no longer operate either vehicle. If you accumulate 4 points on the bike, with no offenses in the car, you lose your motorcycle provisional rider endorsement, but you may still drive your car - your license has a total of 4 points on it.

    Confused yet?

    I believe the above is correct, based on what I've read and conversations I've had with the RTA, but obviously, do your own homework if you're concerned.

    Guilty as charged. I guess people just need to be more aware of it. It's be great if there was a bit of movement to try and fix these things though. Problem is, we're all too apathetic.
  19. No, I'll still be rinding. I have a cunning plan that involves exploiting the hopelessness of the SDRO and RTA. I will get out of this without a suspension, I think.
  20. yes, p-platers lose their license (for however long, i dunno) for speeding, regardless of the speed and regardless of how many points they have. And with having to be on your P's for at least 3 years, thats way too much time for one slip up. If this rule came in a few months earlier, i wouldve been stung by it. Even for 10kms over. Utter bullshit.

    Every p-plater at the time would have recieved a letter in the mail notifying them of the new change. This is how i know. This was also the case when they introduced the laws on carrying passengers between 11pm and 5am.

    However, i dont know if new p-platers would have received anything notifying them of these p-plater specific laws.