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[NSW] article on motorcycle deaths in NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by iahawk, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. interesting read. i think the increase in motorcycle deaths may relate to the increase in scooter riders. Apparently scooter sales have increased along with the road toll. i dunno what it is about scooter pilots but some of them are pretty bad!! i sometimes wonder how scooter riders go to the toilet without falling in. They seem to fall into everything else! or just hit shit!

  2. Interesting article, tho I dont agree with forcing riders to wear more protective clothing other than a helmet. I know theres a lot of squid haters on this site, but people should be allowed to make their own decisions. Id hate to live in a world where my life is regulated much more than it already is.
  3. s'ok lets see ...
    This year and last year for then and now for those not bothered to read the article.

    difference in road toll for PTW as mentioned in article 65(now)-44(then) = 21
    Difference in Road Toll for all vehicles 415(now)-321(Then) = 94
    Difference in road toll for Bicycles 14(now)-6(Then) = 8

    So combined over the past 11 months we have added approximately 23% to the increase. Cyclists have added just over 8.5%

    Now any of our Reps in NSW got figures for the increase in sales in NSW for last year and now? Or % of PTW Registered in NSW so we can sort of get a better understanding. It appears to me that they are just trying to whitewash J.Q.Public. Saying PTW have made a significant impact into the increase in the road toll is a bit out there imo. That is unless Bikes are coming out better in accidents with cars......
  4. It's more than a bit out there, it's f$&king BS and nothing more than a beat up. How can you blame "two-wheel vehicles" one moment, only to provide math and examples proving otherwise the next?
  5. hmmm...

    speed cameras up, road toll up...

    wait that's not the way it's supposed to work!

    not speeding kills?

    somebody call the newspapers!
  6. I'm interested in the stats for the few years prior. IMO the GFC was far worse last year then this year, which may mean that more people didn't drive their vehicles to save on petrol money which would of decreased the road toll. So this year may seem higher compared to last year but the same as a few years back. Not basing this on any facts, just a suggestion/opinion/thought.
  7. The "journalists" who penned that article refer to "experts" without giving refences or qualifications as to why they're consdered "experts".

    Then, in the middle of the article, they slip in a news bite about an inexperienced driver of a car where fatalities have occured. It then continues on about bikes.

    What's the point of that?
  8. I think the article may have been better to approach the statistics from a different angle:

    % increase in motorcycle/scooter fatalities: (65/44*100) = 47.7%
    % increase in everything-not-a-motorcycle-or-scooter: ((415-65)/(321-44))*100 = 26%

    So yes, motorcycles and scooters are doing badly this year, proportionally speaking.

    (Would be interesting to see how this compares to kilometres travelled or vehicles registered, as there has been a big increase in the number of two-wheelers lately)

    Edit: Mind you, motorcycles/scooters doing really badly doesn't validate blaming the increase in popularity of scooters for a huge increase in car/truck/bus accidents. :p
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  10. Interesting bit towards the end:
    "But with their popularity came a 25 per cent increase in motorcycle fatalities since 2004."

    So in the longer term things look much healthier. For the past 5 years there has been roughly a 8% growth in bike sales per anum. This represents 47% increase in bike sale, but only a 25% increase in fatalities.
  11. That's pretty much right.

    You can't make a statistical comparison of the two data sets without first comparing the representative proportion of the number of registered vehicles and then determining the (total number of fatalities/serious incidents) / (the total number of registered vehicles of that type).

    ++That wouldn't make for panic mongering headlines that sell papers though, so we're stuck with this nonsense.
  12. I think it's been particularly interesting to see the rise of motorcycle safety warnings/advertising down here in Melbourne, which appear to have risen with the rapid uptake of scooters lately.

    However I think a large part of the problem is that the warnings are aimed at 'motorcyclists' and I don't think most scooter riders think of themselves as 'motorcyclists' - which might explain why you see so few of them wearing any sort of protective clothing.

    From what I hear from friends who are in nursing, they're get scooter riders in constantly with some pretty nasty scrapes and scratches - I wonder if more targeted advertising would help?
  13. From NSW Hansard 11 March 2009

    The number of motorcycle registrations has risen by 55 per cent over the past five years, compared with a simple 0.3 per cent increase in new passenger vehicle registrations for the same period.

    Five years ago (2005) there were 65 deaths in NSW (Figures supplied by Commonwealth Dept of Infrastructure) so even if there are another four deaths this year to bring it up to the same figure then deaths per number of registrations will have fallen very significantly.