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[NSW] Applause to the ZXR guy with bendy plates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I was riding near Atarmon the other day and got close to a guy on a ZXR ( green i think ) with his licence plates attached via bungy cord or those flex cuff type things to the under side of the bike. I kid you not. it was not mounted on anything stable or stationary.

    I noticed that at whatever angle i was riding behind you your plate was not horizontal or flat at any time yet was managing to sway along a 180 degree pivot sideways as the wind whipped it every which way.

    My questions to you are: do you have your licence plate attached like this for fashion or is it to avoid tolls, cameras or anyone actually being able to get it down when they see you? and aren't the cops on you like a rash when they see your fastening system? pls enlighten me, i was puzzled for the rest of the day. :-s

  2. hmmm sounds like it could be a tad dangerous to anyone tailgating should it come off at speed.
  3. I saw a funny one last week going over the Harbour Bridge... a scooter tried to duck the bus lane toll booth hoping that his lower attitude wouldn't trip the camera as he passed through. He failed!
  4. The could be all sorts of reasons for this number plate, fom honest to not, but it sounds like it's illegal, so it's only a matter of time....
  5. to avoid tolls simply have your ventura mounted backwards. thems cameras is to high.
  6. :rofl:

    Mate never thought of this!

    I'll be keeping that in mind next time!
  7. quick question about the tolls. in melbourne do they toll bikes? i was under the impression the eastlink and citylink tolls dont apply to bikes?
  8. Correct - Tolls on CityLink or Eastlink do not apply for bikes.
  9. Incorrect. Tolls do not apply on Citylink, tolls do apply on Eastlink. Discounted from the car rate, at least.
  10. Eastlink is the only one you have to pay for at all. They'll do a non-tag account too so you don't have to carry a tag and don't get charged an image processing fee.
  11. citylink is free until they figure out how to do it
    eastlink you pay
  12. ah cool thanks guys good to know... just gettnig bike tonight so still gettting up to speed on what i can and cant do :)
  13. not that i would ever do such a thing..:angel:
  14. Apologies, I stand corrected.

    I had always just made the assumption that Citylink / Eastlink billing were pretty much the same. Very glad to have had this clarified before I manage to clock up some serious fines for upaid tolls. Cheers guys.
  15. Doesn't work for Eastlink, my Ventura droops low as well but i got the letter in the mail
  16. Probably depends on how high your number plate sits. I can think of a friend with a fender eliminator who would probably get away with it as his plate is mounted directly below the seat instead of a few cm down like mine is.

    Gonna give it a shot anyway, the bike is registered with Eastlink so it's pretty easy to check over the statements to see if they're picking everything up.
  17. I was told that if you sit on one the lane dividers on eastlink that it doesnt trip the cameras, i.e. the sensor only detects a certain amount of each lane.

    Can anyone confirm/deny???

  18. And as soon as they do, I'll stop commuting and catch the train.
    Paying $$$ to risk my life in peak hour traffic, no way Jose.
  19. I'll confirm soon enough... ;)

    It's been 2 weeks and still no letter :)
  20. Have tried a few times and didn't work for me