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[NSW] Appin, Mac Pass, Kangaroo Valley run, Sat Dec 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim Oliver

    Let's hit the fun stuff down south on the 1st of December to bring in the silly season.

    Meet time is 9:30 at the Appin Pub to allow people some time to make their way down if they wanna join us.

    The route will take in Mount Kiera, Albion Park, ...

    ... more

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  2. yep i think ill come as my exams will be done.

    ill let you guys know closer to the date.
  3. Yeah Tim may be on this one.....although work Xmas party on the night before :? Will confirm later :?:
  4. Here's the full original post with the link to the proposed route:

    Look like there's about 8 now...
  5. yup, i'm up for this! Where's Appin Pub? :oops:
  6. DR Test day for me at work, so won't be able to make it.
  7. Hmmm, maybe we should send a disaster your way sooner - then you can get the test over with earlier.... :twisted:

    What about Mrs Koos?
  8. Not sure, I will have a chat with her.
  9. Hi Tim,
    Could you be a strong chance i can make this one. This would be my first group ride.

  10. Hi Tim,
    I will be coming from Blacktown could you please write down the exact street where the pup is.. and yep sure enough count me in if the weather is ok..
  11. its on the main road on the corner of market street(?) i think.

    you cant miss it, only a small town.
  12. Appin Pub (Appin Hotel) is at 84 Appin Road, Appin (that was a lot of Appins...)

    On the corner of the main drag and market street through Appin which is a very small one horse town just out of Campbelltown

    Here's a link to a map with the exact location:
  13. as if there was any doubt count me in. Day before my B/day though so will have to see what the missus has planed then rearrange it!!!! :grin:
  14. i have the day off work!! :cool:
    so i may hook up at the Mt.Keira part of the ride.
    the only thing holding me back is..that its a Sat and..the missus.

    should i register in some form for this ride?
  15. nice ride btw!

  16. Hey Nel, is that a thumb print on your forehead? :p

    No worries, we can grab you at Mount Keira lookout
  17. what time do you think this would be finishing up at? as i have to be back at blacktown at 6pm, sounds like a good ride
  18. I think Blurr just got roped back in by the missus!
  19. hey is the meet time at 9:30 or is that the departure time?

    i was hoping we could leave a bit earlier 8:30-9?