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(NSW) another day another sad MC story

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Two days in a row with motorcyclists making the headlines on SMH for the wrong reasons. http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/motorcyclist-fighting-for-life-after-collision-20101021-16uir.html
    Firstly I hope for a full recovery for this rider and anybody involved and best wishes for the family and friends of yesterdays rider fatality.
    My question though is are motorcyclists becoming the next road users to gain an unrepresentative level of media interest?
    We saw a few years back a P plater in the news every day which garnered support for new restrictions on P platers. I hope that this does not lead to new laws against motorcyclists, but instead raises awareness. There are many crashes everyday and if the media wanted they could probably publish stories that make blue commodore drivers seem like the worst drivers in the world. However the only outcome of this media attention I can see is more worry from our mothers. Thoughts anybody?

  2. It really does suck when I'm driving around and I hear 'a motorcyclist is down at XX', really bums me out.

    I still think the only way for people to recognise riders is for them to be on a scooter/bike themselves, for me I never really noticed too many bikes on the road and didn't watch out for them in terms of if I saw them I would just think nice bike and continue, but now I keep a closer eye on what other riders are doing and try to an anticipate what they're doing so that I can react faster if they do decide to do X.
  3. Just to throw in a few statistics, in 2007, in NSW there were 374 fatal crashes and 24048 injury crashes. Thats 1 fatality and 66 people injured every day. Of these there were 55 MC fatalities and 2631 injuries.

    Only a slim percentage of these will make it into the major newspapers. Of these crashes you could pretty well choose any minority road user group and make newspaper headlines about them everyday. This has been done before with P plate drivers and older drivers causing changes in legislation. This editorial unrepresentativeness happens on long weekends as well. Now it appears theres a posibility this could be happening with motorbikes. I hope the reasons for continued reporting of MC crashes in the Herald is to raise awareness rather then with any anti-motorbike agendas.
  4. Motorcyclist awareness week is coming up on the 23rd to 31st (yes 8 days is apparently a week..) so maybe they're just doing something in the run-up to this.
  5. I think that it's always been like that since I started riding in 1995, I wouldn't have thought that it has got better or worse.