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[NSW] And it's not even April 1st! NSW reduces points.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. And in news just out...

    Speeding demerits for minor offences to be relaxed
    November 14, 2008 12:56pm

    DEMERIT points for minor speeding offences in New South Wales will be reduced.

    Drivers are currently penalised three demerit points for exceeding a speed limit by less than 15 kilometres per hour, with a total of 12 points within two years resulting in cancellation of their licence.

    With points penalties commonly doubled during long-weekend holidays, this can mean a driver loses his or her licence for just two minor offences.

    "We will change the law," Roads Minister Michael Daly said today.

    "Three points for exceeding the speed limit from 0 to 15 (km/h) will be reduced, and I'll be coming back with a comprehensive proposal to make motoring fairer for people in NSW," he said.

    And they're still cleaning the pig droppings off the roof of the Opera House!!!
  2. :LOL: gold...really i have nothing further to add, apart from maybe there is still hope :?
  3. Interesting.

    A few (eight?) years ago the monetary fines for speeding were reduced dramatically and points raised, in order to settle the "revenue raising" outrage that had been growing to a head in NSW.
  4. Only one minor error, there, Tony, the demerit period is THREE years,

    RTA Web-Site

    "Details of demerit point offences committed in NSW will be sent to your home state and included on your driving record. If you exceed 12 or more points in a three-year period, the RTA may withdraw your right to drive in NSW."
  5. The Herald Sun has merely quoted from the Minister's own media release.
    Truly classic if the RTA can't get it right. (Mind you if it's the Hun, it's about what you expect) :LOL:
  6. I'd say the minister was winging it, I KNOW it's three years because I'm waiting for December so I can go back to zero :LOL:.
  7. Huh, $1500 fine for 45 or over isn't revenue raising?
  8. Probably not... I mean, how often do people get fined for doing 45 over, compared to the number busted for 0-15 or 16-25?

    Couldn't find any statistical distribution information in a quick search, but I think it'd be fair to say that at least 10x if not 100 or 1000 times more people are busted doing 0-15kph over, compared to 45+.
  9. Meh, $1500 is still way too much IMO, should be half of that (because don't forget they're loosing their license for 6 months at that speed, meaning a likely loss of job for many, which brings a much larger financial burden).
  10. on that logic, no penalty is fair, scrap the laws altogether.....
  11. Interesting actually. There was talk yesterday of the NRMA "mobilising" it's members against the state goverment. There was also some printouts of how businesses are being affected by the demerit system.

    Rees has panicked and tried to do something popular.

    Good move, but he's still a shithead.
  12. good luck with that,to my knowledge you recieve the points back from each offence three years from the date.Which means 3 offences say jan.april,december and you loose 3 points for each they wont be all back until december 3 years later :wink:
  13. If December is three years it won't actually show on your record as zero until April, although points in a 3 year period need to total 12 for a suspension they keep them on the record for 40 months.

    From RTA
    "The law permits the counting of demerit points for offences of any age but suspension can only be applied if the dates the offences were committed are within 3 years of each other.

    However, the RTA considers it would be unreasonable to consider offences more than 40 months old. The 40-month period exists to ensure that delays between an infringement taking place and the RTA being notified of the infringement are taken into account and ensures that only recent and relevant offences are counted.

    For this reason, demerit points up to 40 months old are displayed on the RTA’s online demerit point enquiry screen, because these offences have the potential to count towards a demerit point licence suspension."
  14. That's a good line of assumption, however, I have only ever been booked once on the bike and it was in December, three years ago.....
  15. Yeah sure. I'm in favour of it because I dont mind carrying around a baseball bat/machete ;)
  16. Don't believe it until you actually see the changes go through. You know what politicians are like.
  17. ^+1 expecially this fkn nsw government